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Banjo Supplies

Comfortable Thumbpicks that work! Click here

The most comfortable and
multi-functional thumb-picks on the planet!

More Picks and

Nick Picks
Custom Cobalt Coated Picks
Available only at
New All leather banjo strap made exclusively for
straps for sale
Meticulously handcrafted from FULL grain, highest quality saddle harness leather. Veg-oil tanned and safe for instrument finishes. Natural tanned color compliments any instrument. No rivets or hardware to mar instrument finish. Infinitely adjustable and unique lacing adjustment.
Korg Metronome Tuner and Metronome Combo

The Korg TM-50 Digital Tuner Metronome.

More Metronomes
Ultimate Mute

The best one I've seen!

Will not vibrate loose
Adjustable for all bridge widths
Fits four, five & six string banjos
Slides right across the bridge under the strings
Does not hinder right hand position
New D-Tuners that WORK
No drilling required. Fast Accurate Banjo Tuning. I use them. They are a great alternative from normal d-tuners set screws that can get in the way while doing normal tuning.
Click for more info!
Numerous Tuners to choose from
tuners on sale


On Board tuners for sale. Now there can be any noise going on around you and you can still tune. Easy to read with swivel
All Models and Banjo Accessories available direct from Gold Tone at Big Discounts!!
goldtone banjos
Gold Tone Banjos now on sale at great prices!!

Click here to check our selection and the best low price

Now carrying Goldstar Banjos too

capoThe models of capos I carry are the best types of capo for the banjo and what I recommend. With these models you can easily adjust the pressure on the strings which causes minimal need for retuning.

Click here for more info
Banjo Bridges

Adding a better bridge to your banjo makes a lot of sense. It's a small investment with a big return

More Info
flight banjo case
The best banjo flight
case out there

The banjo and your normal hard shell case are suspended inside the outer case with the C-Pads

Banjo stand What a price on these and they work great too. It's all you need. These really do the job, better low center of gravity, work much better than your typical guitar stand, much more suited for banjo.
Ross Nickerson
Transkriber software for slowing down music so you can play along. Now available and on sale.

Click here for more info


Tailored, internal control-stretch design - Easy to attach - Very strong & durable - Fully adjustable
banjo polish
Polish your banjo with Gibson. protect your investment. It's safe for all types of finishes and has no unnatural chemical propellants. The pump spray works easy.

Killer tone with Steve Huber
Learn setup from the best
New Three Way Banjo Tightening Hand
Other head tightening items available

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