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Banjo Picks and Thumbpicks

All accessories at are money back satisfaction guaranteed!

three picks

Child size cobalt coated picks available below.

Normal adult size listed to your right

Two child size cobalt coated picks finger picks with
one small thumb pick


Two child size cobalt coated picks finger picks with
two small thumb picks

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Two Child Size Cobalt Coated fingerpicks
NO Thumbpick
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Click for more options on child size picks

A set of picks
National Thumbpick and pair of Cobalt Coated Picks is all you need to get started picking the 5-string banjo.

The fingerpicks are adjustable, one size fits all.

We carry banjo picks that are adult sized, child sized, cobalt coated, custom cobalt "Nick Picks", Coated for Comfort Banjo Picks, Blue Chip picks, Tortoise Shell Replica thumbpicks and small, medium, large and lefty thumbpicks too.

Normal One "size fits all" Banjo Picks for Adults

One Thumbpick-Large with
Two Cobalt coated fingerpicks
With 1 Right Thumbpick
With 1 Left


One Thumbpick-Medium with
Two Cobalt coated fingerpicks

With 1 Right Thumbpick
With 1 Left



Two Dunlop thumbpicks-1 Large 1 Medium with
Two Cobalt coated fingerpicks
With 1 Med 1 Lg

With 1 Med 1 Lg


Two Thumbpicks- Both Large
with Two Cobalt fingerpicks
With 2 Lg Right Thumbpick
With 2 Lg Left


Two Thumbpicks-Both Medium
with Two Cobalt coated fingerpicks
With 2 med Right Thumbpicks

With 2 med Left Thumbpicks

Cobalt coated fingerpicks
NO thumbpick

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Child sized picks and smaller picks for women

A set of Dunlop .025's - Non coated dunlop picks with thumb pick
Two non coated dunlop picks with one Medium Thumbpick
Two non coated dunlop picks with one Large Thumbpick
Two non coated dunlop picks with one Medium and one Large Thumbpicks
Two Child Size non coated dunlop picks with One Small Dunlop Thumbpick

Cobalt Nick Picks at Banjo

Cobalt coated special designed custom picks for Ross Nickerson specially made for solid tone, comfort, and speed. Available only at

Bob Perry custom made these picks for me by my specifications. They fit back further on your finger like I requested for more comfort and power. The no hole design avoids those finger through the hole sores and more importantly gives the pick more mass for a thicker, fatter tone. These picks sound great, they're comfortable and the cobalt coating does what it says it does. The coating cuts string noise to nil and the picks glide over the strings. Bob also roughens up the inside of the pick so it grips better. I've been playing a long time, these picks are a break through.

Note: The cobalt coating does wear off eventually depending on the amount of use. Nick Picks can be recoated for 4.00 by sending them to the manufacturer Bob Perry, His contact information is on the pick box. The Picks still sound and play good even if the coating has worn off too.The picks have money back satisfaction guarantee too. If you don't like just send them back for a full refund. No questions asked.

...... I really like the way they set further back on the finger. I take lessons on Friday and after my instructor heard me play with the new "Nick Picks",,, he told me to throw my old picks ( Dunlop ) away. ha

For more information and reviews click here for more info or purchase below

Nick Picks, kick ass tone and comfort.

One Pair
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Pair of Nick Picks with added Large Thumb pick

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Pair of Nick Picks with added
Medium Thumb pick

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More info and reviews on Nick Picks


Blue Chip Thumbpicks

now available at

click below for all the styles

Torti tortoise shell
Banjo Thumbpick Replica

Showcase White Torti-Pick Large - 17.90
Showcase White Torti-Pick Medium - 17.90
Showcase Ivoroid Torti-Pick Large - 17.90
Left Handed WhiteTorti Pick Large
- 17.90

sticky picks

Do you have to squeeze your banjo fingerpicks or thumbpicks on too tight?

Try Sticky Picks
helps keeps banjo picks from falling off

Coated for Comfort Banjo Picks
We've coated standard Dunlop 0225 gauge, the best gauge dunlop's for tone with a rubber coating that makes them easier to slip on, more comfortable, eliminates the holes that dig into your cuticles and if you decide the get the color coated ones, they can help you tell them apart too.

These are available in clear so you can't even tell they are coated or in an assortment of colors if you want to be able to tell them apart or like using the different colors available.

Available in Two Sizes:
Regular size
Smaller Pick Size for Children or Petite Fingers

Shark Tooth Picks

The most comfortable and multi-functional thumb-picks on the planet!

A clever way of using a neoprene sleeve to hold a flatpick to make a comfortable, fully adjustable thumbpick. Reduces muscle fatigue and frustrating flatpick control problems.

This is the most comfortable thumbpick I've ever used. They sound good and don't come loose as you might suspect. This is a great product that could be used in any situation. I like to use them when I'm practicing and I've just begun performing with them, they cause a lot less fatigue. Ross Nickerson
traditional pick
hybrid pick
un thumb pick
"Traditional" Velcro Shark Tooth Pick
You get two Neoprene straps, a 0.75mm celluloid flat pick/strap, a 1.0mm flat pick/strap, a spare hook Velcro strap for use with your own pick and a set of instructions


"Hybrid" Slip-on Shark Tooth Pick
locates the plectrum on the front inside edge of the sleeve and is quickly learned


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revolutionary design that offers abundant technical flexibility. “Un-Thumb Pick” supports the plectrum on the outside of the sleeve.

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Kodiak Crossover

The Kodiak basic package includes the leather strap, two different gage flatpick strap assemblies (.8mm & 1.0mm) and instructions.
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With pick pouch
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Save on shipping and purchase
both the Traditional and Hybrid picks
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Save on shipping and purchase
both Traditional and Kodiak Crossover

two picks of each model, four picks in all
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Save on shipping and purchase three picks: Traditional, Hybrid and Un-Thumb
Traditional and Hybrid come in two packs, so you receive 5 picks all together for this price
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Save on shipping and purchase all four picks for one low price

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Quote from Ross Nickerson.....This is the most comfortable thumbpick I've ever used. They sound good and don't come loose as you might suspect.

This is a great product that could be used in any situation

More information and
see a video demonstration

Cobalt Picks
Buy these picks with the cobalt coating! You won't be sorry. I'm extremely pleased with this new innovation...Ross N. Here's the hype, but they don't need it. I know you'll be happy with them. A finish that makes other picks obsolete!

Nasa has been using it for years in high-tech machinery, where expense was no object.
Used on metals to reduce friction and wear longer. End Result Picks do not drag or squeak on the strings!
Less drag means faster playing & cleaner sounding! Virtually wear resistant and they really do make a difference.
A set of Dunlop .025's with the Cobalt coating, coated by Bob Perry himself for 7.95

Pick Strop
Polish your Banjo Picks with the Bill Stokes Pick Strop. Anyone who has seen his Showcase 41's finger picks knows how smooth and buffed the picks are. It not only cuts string noise and helps tone, it makes them a lot more comfortable too.

This works, I really like it, I use to rub the picks on anything I could find. Another well made intelligent banjo accessories from Bill Stokes. Ross N


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Sharktooth picks with case and accessories!

Comes with

a) the flexible Velcro sleeve,
b) two different
gauge picks (.75mm & 1.0mm)
c) universal strap for use of
your own favorite pick and
d) the two pocket carry pouch.

Product use instructions are also included in the kit package

Buy the Velcro or Hybrid thumb pick with this slim line carrying case.

Detailed Descriptions

"Traditional" Velcro Shark Tooth Pick with carrying case and accessories
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"Hybrid" Slip-on Shark Tooth Pick with carrying case and accessories
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Perfect Touch Clawhammer Finger Pick
Handcrafted in the Mountains of Tennessee
clammher picks silver nickel
Rusty Thornhill has applied his innovative skills to the needs of the clawhammer picker. With this, the clawhammer picker can pick for hours or days without fear of broken, split or worn fingernails.

A single metal clawhammer pick designed and crafted for extra comfort and ease of use. Avoid the discomfort of pinched-on picks, hangnails, and pick collisions.


Pair of Bill Stokes Showcase 41 Picks
These fingerpicks are a reproductions of the classic pre-war National fingerpicks.
They are made from pure German nickel-silver and pre buffed. Pre-war shape nd tone.
Come packaged in pairs (2-picks)

Showcase 41 picks

A pair of Showcase 41 Picks
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Add a national thumb pick

Showcase 41 with
Large Thumbpick
Showcase 41 with
Medium Thumbpick

Classic Celluloid Picks

Celluloid is the premier pick material. Celluloid picks give the traditional feel, with a smooth striking surface and a warm, round musical tone. A wider body and a rounded tip have made this pick a favorite with players of every style.

Purchase 3 picks for 1.00
3 for 1.00
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3 for 1.00
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Thumbpicks available at
National Thumbpick DunlopThumbpicks Goldengate thumbpick blue chip torti-thumbpick

Pick Pocket Banjo Pick Pouch

This brand new pick pouch for holding you banjo thumb and finger picks is the best one I've seen yet. It's big enough to not have to cram you fingerpicks in it and it has the little metal hinges that keep in rigid when you open and close it. It's a nice accessory like a wallet or a key case. Seriously, this is a great pick pouch, I use it and I really like it.

Click for details

10.90 Click price to purchase
pick pocket

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