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Banjo Straps

All leather banjo strap made exclusively for
banjo straps for sale
Meticulously handcrafted from FULL grain, highest quality saddle harness leather. Veg-oil tanned and safe for instrument finishes. Natural tanned color compliments any instrument. No rivets or hardware to mar instrument finish. Infinitely adjustable and unique lacing adjustment. This is a great banjo strap for heavy banjos.
leather banjo strap


7/8" wide, #1 harness leather strap
Shoulder piece 1 3/4" wide by 11.5" long harness leather.
Infinitely adjustable on both ends to the exact length required by the user.
More details and see a video of how it works

I recommend this one, they break in really nice and are hand made exclusively for
Made In America

Regular size 43" adjusts to 43" to 52"
banjo strap for sale

Large 47" adjusts 47" to 56"
banjo strap for sale

Lakota Leather Straps
available in 2 inch and 3 inch sizes
Cradle Banjo Strap

Standard American bison leather banjo strap features a 48" tail section which completely encircles your banjo pot assembly. Our unique feature utilizes two color matched Chicago screws which connect the tail section to the main body of the strap.
more information
Non-Cradle Banjo Strap

The non cradle straps attach to your banjo by utilizing two 'tail -sections' of bison leather. These two 'tail sections' are 3/4" wide and are at both ends of the main body of the strap. These individually loop around a single tension hook of your choosing and are secured back to themselves by a Chicago screw (or a piece of leather lace at your request).
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Morgan Monroe banjo strap MBS-QR2-BR
quick release deluxe brown or black


Deluxe Brown
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Deluxe Black
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quick release strap

The Morgan Monroe black leather MBS-QR3-BK banjo strap features a lock tite quick release mechanism that gives you the peace of mind that comes with a cradle set up while allowing you to disconnect your strap in seconds!



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Model# MR-MBS-QR1-BK

2" wide 100% cotton banjo strap with quick release connections.

Lock tite quick release
Cradle design
2" cotton strap
Adjustable length



James Allan Shelton Hand-tooled Banjo Strap
shelton strap
  • Hand-made from genuine, top-grain Scandinavian Saddlers' Leather

    Vegetable tanned and hand-tooled in a traditional Basket Weave pattern

    Comfortable 1 3/8" width

    Extra wide ladder back adjustment

    Classic Ebony


    List Price 49.95
    Our Price 42.00
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Featuring Dave Schenck Dogwood Designs
Custom Leather Banjo Straps
Dogwood Designs specializes in custom made, quality banjo straps.
Handmade in USA
Their straps are made from the finest oak tanned tooling leather available and work really well. They are super comfortable, look classy and will last forever.

Click for details

Latico Banjo Straps
Made In America
stokes,showcase,latigo banjo strap stokes,showcase,latigo crowe banjo strap

Latico Banjo Strap

These are very comfortable straps and classy too. They are hand made in the US by banjo innovator Bill Stokes and they are used by lots of pros. The strap is a hand tooled basket weave design and
it installs easy on the banjo with chicago screws in to a leather tab that wraps around hooks.

Latico Banjo Strap / Weaved Design, Soft Leather
banjo strap for sale

Latico JD Crowe strap

It's a thinner version of the Latico to the left and without the basket weave. I haven't noticed any difference in the thinner straps for comfort and stability and I personally use a 1 inch strap on one of my banjos. This one is soft leather and matches up nicely with any style of banjo.

Latico JD Crowe Thin Leather Banjo Strap
banjo strap for sale

(approx. 48"–58")

This strap is great for taking in and off easily before putting the banjo in the case or if you just aren't using the strap all the time and don't need it more permanently attached. It comes on and off easy with backpack type clips and you can take the clips off the banjo in two seconds too or just leave them on.

The strap is really comfortable and supportive too and easily adjustable in case you use different lengths when sitting down and standing up. Ross Nickerson All you have to do is thread the loops through the brackets, pass the side release buckles through the opening and reattach to the main strap. This creates a secure hold which is a snap to attach!

Super Strap reviews/details

strap for sale

strap for sale

The Super Banjo Strap

This is a great design, easy to take on and off. The strap will support the weight of the banjo making it easier to practice. These straps will work on both the heavier 24 bracket banjos and the many lower priced designs because it's easy to put the nylon loop through the smallest of clearance between the brackets.

These straps are the best! They are really comfortable and make the banjo feel lighter and we all know how important that is. They feature a very comfortable shoulder pad, heavy duty nylon, and best of all, detachable clips. No more cramming the strap into the case. Just take it off. I highly recommend these straps and they are money back guaranteed if you're not satisfied with it. Ross Nickerson .
banjo strap for sale

Classic Leather Banjo Strap, Black
from Planet Waves

Planet Waves cradle style banjo straps safely attaches without risk of scratching or damaging the instrument and are available in black leather. Each strap is two inches wide and adjustable in length. The Planet Waves
Classic Leather banjo strap is made of single-ply, black leather. The Planet Waves Soft Garment Leather comes with a black, suede backing.

Classic black leather banjo strap
Made from high-quality leather
Provides maximum comfort for standing situations
2" Wide, adjustable in length

retail 42.00
our price 29.95

Leather Deluxe Cradle (Model DLS)
banjos for sale

Designed by Wayne of Gold Tone, this strap is actually 3 layers of very soft leather folded to pad the shoulder. The cradle design fully supports the weight of the banjo evenly, without overstressing any parts. Fully stitched with no metal components. Gold Tone logo.
Includes tie lace.
Available brown on black trim or black with brown.

Cradle Strap Attachment Guide
Retail Price: $54 price Black with Brown trim 42.00
banjo strap for sale

Retail Price: $54 price Brown with Black trim 42.00
banjo strap for sale
Morgan Monroe Cradle Straps

Strap Holders
strap holder
This kit will allow a cradle strap to be attached onto an open back banjo or a banjo that does not have enough room to fit the cradle strap through the brackets.

More details


Leather Cradle (LS)
banjo straps for sale

A simpler version of the Deluxe cradle. Genuine leather, fully adjustable. A must for banjos weighing more than 5 lbs. Gives full support by lacing under the hooks and attaching under the body. Gold Tone logo. Available in black or brown.

Cradle Strap Attachment Guide
Retail Price: $39 price 28.40

Brown with Black trim 28.40

Black with Brown trim 28.40

Morgan Monroe MB-4 Banjo Strap

The MB-4 is a tough nylon polyweb with leather ends. Durable and secure enough for any banjo.

Black Strap10.49
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morgan monroe strap


Strap Nylon Banjo Strap from Daddario

Designed for players of all genres, Planet Waves straps and accessories have something to offer everyone. From iconic themes to unique patterns and artwork, they are sure to accent any banjo.

High quality black nylon
Designed for Banjo
Attaches with non-marring clips
Provides maximum comfort for standing situations
A great gift idea for any Banjo player

buy banjo strap

Nylon Banjo Strap
cloth strap
This strap works great on lighter model banjos or banjos without enough space under the hooks for a cradle strap. It uses leather tabs with a plastic bolt and nut to attached the strap to the banjo brackets. The leather tabs are the best way to attach a lower priced nylon banjo strap . Most music stores carry cheap straps that have metal clips that make noise and can scratch the wood and hardware on the banjo.

More info and picture of leather tabs
Black Strap
Brown Strap

morgan monroe strap for sale

Morgan Monroe Deluxe Leather Banjo Strap

The strap fits the banjo easily and is very comfortable. Banjos are heavy and need a good banjo strap to support the weight and provide some shoulder comfort. This strap will do an excellent good job for both.


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Hand crafted for maximum comfort and even distribution from genuine Cadillac leather


banjo strap

Slinger Strap

Ric Scoles came up with the design of the Slinger strap because there wasn't’t a strap on the market at the time that he really liked. Rick wanted a strap that gave a little more support for his back and was a little wider so it would not cut into his shoulders. The initial design was just a loop with the leather notched to fit the banjo. To make it ride a little flatter, he added an angle to make it fit more snugly against the back. Doing so created a simple strap with a revolutionary approach to holding the instrument in place.

Just looking at it, you wouldn't’ think it should work as well as it does, but Ric has used this system for twenty years and the banjo has always been safe.

Made in America It gives very balanced, comfortable support to the back and shoulders without any straightjacket-style strapping. The Slinger is adjustable and fits any brand of resonator banjo.
There is no metal hardware to scratch your banjo. The strap does not stress the banjo or banjo hardware. The strap can be easily and quickly switched between multiple banjos, even during live performances. You only need one strap for multiple banjos, may be the last strap you ever need. The strap is comfortable and easy to use, and very portable. The strap fits into your case along with your banjo.

The fact that the strap is designed to hold the instrument using gravity, at an angle to the body, is the real secret to why this design works so well. In addition to helping the appearance and posture of the player, it provides added comfort and balance by drawing the banjo closer to the body.

We even provide added ties if you feel them necessary, but the beauty of this design is that gravity is what is holding the banjo; no hardware (metal-to-metal) is necessary the heavier the banjo, the better.

Currently Unavailable

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