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The ResNick Resophonic Banjo
The Banjonator!

(patent pending)

resophonic banjo
Announcing the birth of the "The ResNick" Banjonator) The ResNick is a resophonic banjo designed by Ross Nickerson with the expertise of Resophonic Guitar "Dobro" builders Mark Thibeault and Jason Friesen of Rayco Resophonics.

This "Banjonator" as I like to call it was born from an inspiration of mine to make a resophonic banjo that really cut it. Mark Thibeault of Rayco and I worked together in a band for six years and during that time we spent a lot of time perfecting the ResNick Though I know this not the first dobro banjo made, the ResNick is different. We have put a lot of time and thought into working out the problems inherent with putting a instrument like this together and getting the tone up to the standards that a pro could perform on stage with it. Rayco's dobro's are beautiful sounding instruments.

The ResNick also features a specially designed Fults tailpiece made by top banjo tailpiece maker and designer Bob Fults

Watch a video and listen to a sound byte

Some of The Resnicks pictured on this page are custom models. For instance, the hummingbird peghead pictured above was a custom request. The standard model still has diamonds and dots inlay with a choice of most woods and colors though.

Call 1-866-322-6567 or email me at if you have questions or for pre-orders. They are priced reasonable at
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Construction can start with a 1000.00 deposit.
$1000 deposit
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Construction time is 1 year
questions call 866-322-6567
ResNick Dobro Banjo
Free with the ResNick is the All Online Lessons Special, 1 year membership to
and five Ross Nickerson Instruction DVDs of your choice.


Got it yesterday.  Looks great, sounds great!!  I love it!!  Larry

Hi, Ross! At first I would like to say THANKS for absolutely fabulous and fantastic ResNick, what I received yesterday! I don´t have words to say all thanks for such great instrument!!! It took approximately one hour to warm this "5-string lady" up and then it starts to show off...!!! FANTASTIC!!!! What a finishing Mark have done...!!!!! And as I´ve spread a word and showed it to other musicians, it seems, that my musician-carrier flies up very fast...;) Raivo
I received the Resnick this morning and have been playing it all day...It plays beautifully, Thanks.....I've been showing it off all over town and people are loving it. Cool eh? Some of the songs I wrote with a normal Banjo sound so unique with the Resnick. It opens a whole new way of creating music., Thanks again  Jack............

…..Ross,  Received the Resnick today.  It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and sounds great.  I LOVE it. I had my second lesson earlier today on the student banjo and when I got home, the Resnick had arrived and needless to say, the student banjo will never be played again by me.  The Resnick brings me into a whole new world. Again, thanks for all your help and I am really glad I decided to get the Resnick.  I am so excited to learn more and more. Paul in VA

.....Its mere presence is a work of art, in and of itself. Its every curve and reflection reveal new beauty. My fingers are delightfully tender with wrists to match. It is lovely beyond all form and tune.

Hi, Ross! A quick note to let you know I went to the post office first thing this morning and picked it up there as I will not be home this afternoon. Good packing job, all is perfect and it's gorgeous and sounds really great!! Tone is fabulous and compared to my banjos it's LIGHT to hold!! Gotta run now, thanks again! All the best, Claire

Video Demos
Ross Nickerson signature model Banjo Dobros
There are 6 videos in this player,
To view the next video just hit the playlist button on the bottom left

Advanced Tabs / Tab for Little Martha available

Sound Clip of ResNick being played Clawhammer style by Ivan Rosenburg
We called his "The CrawDaddy"

Sound clip

More ResNick Demo Videos in full size
Demo Videos full size

Don't this Road Look Rough and Rocky

Little Martha
Old Brown Hay
Joy to the World
Little Martha
Haida Nation

The Resnick pictured to the left had a custom radius fret board and inlay.

The video on the left below we filmed June 2008 on the first ResNick we built. I was visiting with Mark Thibeault at Rayco and I worked up a quick arrangement that seem to work well on the ResNick. These are available for order now and can be ordered in a variety of finish colors.

The video below on the right was filmed at Greyfox Bluegrass Festival. I was playing the ResNick for fun and decided to put on the video camera.

If I can make my ResNick sound that good I will be smiling for weeks.
Getting your xmas book now! Mark and Jason are brilliant, such a beautiful toy!

If you have questions or would like to preorder with a deposit, call 1-866-322-6567 or email us
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After purchase we will call you for any custom requests or questions
Construction can start with a 1000.00 deposit.
$1000 deposit
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Construction time is 6 to 9 months
questions call 866-322-6567

Free with the ResNick is the All Online Lessons Special, 1 year membership to
and five Ross Nickerson Instruction DVDs of your choice

Windows video version of Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky you can download and keep

Sound Clip of ResNick being played Clawhammer style by Ivan Rosenburg
Audio clip

Strings 12.00
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reso banjo
New Ross Nickerson Video live at a house concert in New Zealand with his band X Train

More Ross Nickerson Videos
banjo cruise
res nick banjo with cone
res nick

banjo dobro picture reso banjo
banjo dobroRes Nick Banjo Dobro

Picture of the ResNick at Winter Grass,
With the ResNicks you have options on inlay, finish color and wood as this is a custom instrument.
The Rayco Resonator "Dobro Banjo"
Ross Nickerson Signature Model
The ResNick (patent pending)

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