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Online Banjo Lessons from
Beginner, Intermediate and More Advanced

Banjo Lessons Online with Ross Nickerson
Learn to play banjo from world renowned banjo player and teacher, Ross Nickerson.
Learn correctly from the start with easy banjo lessons online you can download on to your computer immediately after purchasing.

Banjo Lessons that work fast on Windows, Mac, IPads, Iphones and Smartphones. Lessons all include lifetime access.
There is no expiration for the online access and you can download and keep the videos, MP3's and Tabs too.

Beginner Lessons
Comprehensive banjo lessons for beginners just getting started. Get off to a correct start and learn proper technique.

24 Popular Song Lessons
24 Banjo Songs with video, audio, tablature, All songs performed at slow medium and fast tempos

How To Practice Banjo
Learn how to improve everything you play, progress faster and get the most from your practice time.

"Must Know" Licks
Learn the important building blocks of five string banjo technique and some
hot banjo licks along the way too.

Playing Banjo in the Key of C, D, E, F & G Up the Neck
Ross teaches easy techniques to quickly transpose the songs you already know in open G tuning to other keys.

Rock Solid Banjo Timing and Backup Tips
What could be more important than good timing when playing the 5-string banjo? Ross makes it easy to learn and put to work.

Next Step Intermediate Lessons
Learn up the neck, how to play backup, how to adapt songs to the 5-string banjo and how to play the banjo faster.

Backup Band Play Along Songs
If you'd like to be jamming with others and improve your jamming skills these backup tracks
are a fun way to improve in a hurry and break away from tablature.

Sample Banjo Lesson Videos
banjo lesson demo videos

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banjo cruise

Look to the links on the right and left or scroll down to see the banjo lessons available,
sample videos and more detailed lesson descriptions.

beginning banjo book by Ross Nickerson
Begriming Banjo Book/ CDs and DVD

I also have a 64 page comprehensive hard copy wirebound Beginning Banjo book with two CDs and DVD if you feel that format would suit you better.

Beginning the Five-String Banjo
by Ross Nickerson

Other Banjo Books

.... The download worked perfectly. Great system you have there. Frank
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Video banjo lessons from Ross Nickerson that get you off to a good start and
teach you correct Bluegrass Banjo technique.

Here are some of the lessons offered.
Banjo Basics Videos on: How to hold the banjo, put the picks on, attach a strap, tune the banjo, the parts of the banjo pointed out, how to change a string, tighten the head, set the bridge and more. Learn to Pick the Right Way with Banjo Rolls, Learn the Slide, Pull-off, Hammer-on and Cripple Creek, Left Hand Exercises Video,

Includes: How to use a Metronome and Timing Exercises. Playing a Song with a Basic Banjo Roll and Chords. How to use a Metronome and Timing Exercises. Playing a Song with a Basic Banjo Roll and Chords.

Songs demonstrated at 3 speeds in both split screen video and separate audio tracks.

Some of the songs offered include Dueling Banjos, Foggy Mountain Breakdown and The Beverly Hillbillies Theme, Rocky Top, Jesse James Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arms, Two Dollar Bill, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Bill Cheatum, America The Beautiful, Wreck of the Old 97, Joy to the World, Banjo in the Hollow, My Old Kentucky Home, John Henry, Cripple Creek, Blackberry Blossom, I'll Fly Away, Old Joe Clark, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Cumberland Gap, Crying Holy, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Turkey in the Straw and Amazing Grace.

We have intermediate level banjo lessons available,
Backup Banjo for Beginners and New Intermediates, Up The Neck for Beginners and New Intermediates, Secrets to Building Speed in Your Right Hand, Adapting an Easy Melody to Bluegrass Banjo, Learning the Chord Forms and Chord Shapes Up and Down the Neck. Major, Minor and Seventh Chords.

Discounts on purchase of more than one lesson

Now you can download all the Music, Video and CD Tracks in one zip file for easy use.

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Small Lesson Sample Videos

See more sample videos
banjo cruise

Save and buy all the online banjo lessons
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Banjo Beginner BookBluegrass Banjo A to Zplay by ear banjo
The Online Lessons are also available in hard copy CDR disc format.
Hard Copies are only 5.00 more and include the DVD case.

When you purchase the CD-Rom hard copy discs of the online lessons
you can still access these lessons online immediately!

We send you the online access to these lessons as well by email!
Note: This four CD Rom set not include the 3 new bonus DVD hard copies but all the others which includes four boxes and six discs. You will still receive online access to the three additional bonus DVDs with this package.

Click for more details on the CD Rom lessons

Banjo Lessons on Computer

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