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Deering Golden ERA 5-String Banjo
I cannot explain how wonderful this thing sounds and plays. The tuners are perfection and SMOOTH SMO ...
Deering Calico 5-String Banjo
Hi Ross, Received the Calico and have been playing it for a while and I'm very happy with it. Tha ...
Gold Tone AC-1LN Long Neck Banjo - Unbeleivable Quality and Price
This is the perfect Banjo for playing Pete Seeger's Music as well as music by the Kingston Trio.
Gold Tone Dojo Deluxe with Pickup
It's an amazing instrument. Basically a more refined version of the ResNick Resophonic because inste ...
Deering Eagle II 5-String Banjo
Woo-hoo, got a new banjo today. it's beautiful and sounds great! Thanks for everything, Ross. I real ...
All Leather Banjo Strap - Resonator or Open Back
Excellent quality and Finish of Leather , very comfortable and great support for a heavy Stelling St ...
Recording King RK-R36 Banjo with Free Hardshell Case
Had my RKR-36 banjo now from Ross Nickerson and can't say how happy I am with the banjo and the tran ... Instruction, Banjo Sales and Customer Service Reviews

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... Anyway, just wanted to thank you for the help, and most of all the honesty in you, and the company. I work with a lot of people in the RV industry, and you are by far the best I have ever had the privilege of working with. Thank You for everything, and I will recommend you to my teacher and other banjo players for sure. David Finch

......Hi Kathy Just wanted to let you know the parcel arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for the amazing service - it is always such a pleasure to buy from Best wishes Sue...Thanks Ross!. You never cease to amaze me with your quick response and super customer service! Gordon

Hi Kathy and Ross I just wanted to thank you both for your impeccable service and generosity. The banjo strap and CDs arrived today - much faster that I anticipated! I can't wait to receive the banjo mute from Mike now so that I can pick to my heart's content. I'm definitely going to recommend to all my banjo-playing friends and will be returning for future purchases and advice. Thank you once again for everything! Best wishes Sue

......... thank you for your prompt response. You and your company just gained a great deal of respect from me and my students. I will go to your firm first for future purchases. Thanks. Merry Christmas. Peace and love. James

.......Thank you Ross for all of your help. It's refreshing to deal with a person and company with such great customer service. I appreciate it very much.

....Hi Kathy Just wanted to let you know the parcel arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for the amazing service - it is always such a pleasure to buy from Best wishes Sue.

......Wow, thanks a lot for the quick response and for getting this straightened out so fast.I really appreciate everything. Awesome doing business with you folks, and will definitely be telling others how well you've treated me and how happy I am with your products.. Thanks again.Scott Grossman

Good service good product Well pleased by short delivery time shipped to Canada receiving my order of 2 Nick picks.I tried the picks out and they stay on my fingers and are comfortable and produce a good sound on my banjo, I recommend this product to fellow musicians, The picks are sturdy and should give years of durability and they will become a dependable part of you. Vic

.... Thanks so much for your help in this! You and your organization are a perfect example of EXCELLENT customer care and service. Thanks so much for helping me out. I'll definately refer your company to others!! Thanks again!!! Dennis

Wow fast service I ordered a variety of items on the 3rd and received them on the 6th. Thank You I look for to shopping your store in the future. Ron Mathews

..... I really am impressed with your service and integrity. Its rare to get the personal touch these days and I very much appreciate your efforts. Its a pleasure dealing with you and I wouldn't hesitate to give you the strongest recommendation to anyone who asked. Jeff

......Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your prompt service and business integrity. Terry

.....You guys are already miles beyond most online company's customer service. Let me know when it ships. Scott

...... I wanted to let you know that I received the order this afternoon and to thank you for the great service. This is my 3rd order from and I have been completely satisfied with everything from the banjo parts/accessories to the WL-250 banjo that I have purchased. Keep up the good work. Thank you, David

Excellent! Thank you so much for your speedy shipping :) Cheers Michelle

..... Thanks for your help and for the professional way and manner you'all operate your business and......... You have very good web site .......... I will recomend it to my friends for sure .........!!! I will be intouch from time to time ......Thanks.!! Herb Hill.....

...... I just wanted to say thanks for the unbelievable speed you provided when I ordered a banjo strap from you. I ordered it on friday morning and received it on Monday. That's crazy! I will definitely be doing more business with you. Thanks again, Barry

........Thanks for the delivery of the disc. Your service is excellent.

Thank you very much. Many times online companies will not do what you did. This says a lot about the integrity of your team and leadership. Thanks for your commitment to your customers. James Forrest

Just wanted to say thanks! i got my order today. 2 days. I am guessing your not really in NY, but living in the bushes next to my house. Great Job! Fred Koll

Ross, I wanted to thank you for your personalize service. My CC100r is beautiful and sounds amazing. I am a beginner at playing the banjo, but have been playing music for most of my life. (I'm 54) I definitely recommend Banjoteacher and the Goldtone. It's AWESOME!!!! Mike from Springfield, Tennessee

You people are the absolute best. I received my book with cd and dvd today. Amazing service and the packaging is perfect. I just ordered this the day before yesterday. Kathy you do good work. Paul

Ross, Just wanted to say thank you soooo much for putting out incredible material. My mother is the retired music teacher that you have talked to lately, we both have just picked up the banjo. I have been playing trombone for about 27 years now, am 6 hours away from my masters in performance. Let me just say that your material is OUTSTANDING! It truly does feel like you are there with us to guide us along. This has been so much fun to learn and I would really like to thank you for such wonderful material and for your great talent on this instrument. Thanks again and have a GREAT day! Mike Montgomery O=='={::}

This whole experience has blown me away. I am a 60-year-old student (twice retired) attending the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix. I have two business classes this semester that concentrate on all the tools a business should use to provide great customer service....after all, there are few major differences between golf courses. Because we all offer the same basic product, the biggest separator is the level of service we provide the customer. It all boils down to how they perceive the treatment they get at our facility. That's what brings them back. You and Kathy have gone above and beyond what anyone could ever possibly wish for in customer service. At this point, I'm going to forget the price match. Let's just find the instrument in the wood tone I'm after and call it good. Again, I am already amazed at the service you have provided so far. Hope you have a great evening. Many thanks. Bill

Thanks for your email - I successfully downloaded ALL the lesson materials last night. The download instructions which came right after checkout worked perfectly and I have to say that I am REALLY impressed with both the website and the lesson materials I have viewed so far. When I found I knew I'd hit the motherload and look forward to both the lessons and my membership. The email I just received from you only makes me more certain that my choice to 'go with' was the right one!
Thanks for the excellent materials and customer support.
Jean Schwartz

....."I would like to take the time and effort to say "thanks" for the quick response and effort to satisfy a customer of yours. I will not forget it and will continue to shop at your store. Thank you again for being so kind." BillyThanks guys, for the very fast shipment of this order. I appreciate it! Judy

........WOW FAST DELIVERY,I'M PICKING AND A GRINING! guys are great and i appreciate your rapid response and quick action in taking care of your customers needs. If you were here i'd give you a great big hug. Looking forward to receiving the CD. Thanks again and take care

......I just wanted to thank you for helping my wife, Mary in fulfilling my Christmas Wish List. My new Deluxe Banjola is beautiful and I love that mellow sound. Mary really likes it also

......I got my order two days ago and I am amazed a the difference that the Nick Picks are making in my playing. I have had my banjo for about a month now and had been using the basic Dunlop finger picks from the local guitar store. Your are so much more comfortable and the thicker metal gives a much more positive feel; fast and smooth (unlikemy playing). Thanks for creating such a great product, it is a real help for a beginner like me. Grace and Peace - Rev. Chris Scrivens

.....I did a fair amount of research before I decided to buy the Gold Tone BG-150F from you. I had narrowed my choices down to the BG-150 and the Morgan Monroe Cascade, both were within my price range, but when I heard you playing the Gold Tone in the demo video on your site, I was sold on the tone right away. I was also very impressed with your 'service after the sale', which to me, is very important. (I'm going to need all the help I can get!) Anyhow, thanks for the response, and I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time at your site over the next year or so. Sincerely, William Renfro

........The Banjo Encyclopedia is more than I dreamed it would be. I could have aved myself a lot of money if I had started with this one book rather than buying 4 or 5 others to figure out which I liked best. Ross is so professional and so in tune with beginner and intermediate weaknesses. What a great teacher. I'll be looking for any workshops in 2005 that are within reasonable traveling distance. I'm still having a hard time with the vamping but hope to master it in 2005

.....Just wanted to send you a quick thanks for replacing the CD that came with my Banjo Encyclopedia so promptly. I called you on 1/10/05 to tell you I was having trouble with it, and just three days later received the replacement CD!. As usual, you guys are top-notch!. Best regards, Dan Quiroga

......I Just wanted to drop a note to you and thank you for your fast response. I consider you to have very good customer service

......I'd like to say that it's a real pleasure to have such buyer-seller relations! It's very pleasant, and I've got the impression that it's not this kind of relations that we have but more a friendly relation, and it's very agreeable!. Gerard Poisson

.....I have only recently found your site, it's fantastic! I am at work right now, as soon as I get home, I'll be ordering an online lesson or two!

........Mr. Nickerson, I wanted to thank you very much for many reasons, One, on how fast you replied to an email, I had sent you. I don't take things like this lightly. I feel very thankful that someone with your recognition will be so supportive with a simple topic that, I emailed you with. You replied within 10 minutes. To me that shows such great admiration to the individuals that are current member to your site. So thank you very much, I didn't think it was a crucial topic, but the fact that you replied so fast, to me means alot. Second, I think our site is among the best out there. I bought your book the encyclopedia almost a year ago, but Me it's hard learning an instrument by just a book. After, joining your site and being able to see and hear you play the songs, and the lessons had made it much more understandable. I really like the way you explain with slow, medium and fast with the video's when dealing with your songs and lessons. For beginners like myself, some songs, I am able to just get it off the first shot, but some songs takes alot more practice. Please keep up all the great work in which you are putting on your page, with helping banjo lovers as myself. It is to bad that whenever someone who doesn't know anything about the banjo, and hears the word banjo expects "Dueling Banjo's", and doesn't know the beauty that the banjo gives and is way past just one song. Regards, Mudskipper Cory

.......Thank you, Your DVD on the Fundamentals of Banjo is fantastic. No one should be without this item. It has helped me tremendously. Because of you and your support and web site. I am learning how to play this beautiful instrument that I love so much. Thank you for your web site and for being there to help. I am recommending this site to my friends. Once again, thank you. Sincerely, Autumn Rose LeFay

.....I have become a Ross Nickerson fan. He is fun even if you are an old time banjo player like I am and not bluegrasser. he also seems like a nice cool guy who is just a pleasure to meet and see. he is very positive about the music and very modest despite his infinite skills. He is friendly and down to earth even though he is a true virtuosi. Regulars at the place I saw him here in Miami who don't like banjo and weren't inclined to stay to hear him pick and pay a cover charge were thrilled once he started playing.
Ross, I received my "Duelin' Banjos" lesson and am very happy with it.
You're program is well put-together. Thanks, Tom Arri

I have a few things to say about the quality of the CD's and material you are providing.
1) Blazing the West. This recording is OUTSTANDING! Flat out, this is the best acoustic CD I have purchased in a few years. I say acoustic, but I really want to say Bluegrass, but the purists may say it's not, that it's Western music. This is a work that you should be extremely proud of and I hope it gains the exposure deserved.
2) It's refreshing to see quality teaching material that is not just stamped out by a big publisher. Your material has those real nice qualities of 'ownership & pride', a handmade type of quality which is an endangered species in this corporate cookie cutter world we live in.
3) The tunes and recording quality on the Scruggs Style instruction CD is perfect. The repetition of songs with and without the banjo, fast and slow, is a very helpful format.
Once again, I just can not say enough about the quality of your work and the personal touch. I hope the music world is treating you well and that you're able to make a good living doing what you love.
One Happy Customer!
Very best regards,
Beau Brown

.......Ross, First, let me tell you how much I love your products. I have just about worn the covers off the Banjo Encyclopedia. I have purchased your Banjo Songbook and Scruggs Style books. I have listened to and watched every on line lesson you have and read all the tips on your site. I have only had my banjo about three months. I am 45 years old and decided to finally pursue the one instrument I love above all others. Thank you for providing such wonderful material. I look forward to the day I can play a song like El Cumbanchero, which has become one of my favorites. I like the album version, but the studio version of just the banjo is truly awesome.
...........Thanks again for all the great material!

......I'd like to thank you for "Scruggs Style Instruction". I'm making real progress toward my five easy pieces that I can play for other folks and actually sound like I know what I'm doing. I'm starting with FM Breakdown as I have mastered some portion of it with the free internet tabs and the Scruggs book. Your arrangement is as close to Earl as I have ever heard and your instructions are breaking it down into digestible pieces so I'm actually making progress each time I sit down. It is the best value in instruction thatI have come across to date. I will buy more once I have this down.......Ross, I have purchased a lot of your material and found it to be top notch all the way. You have really done a good job of bringing a much needed product to the market. The material has really helped me and I have made a lot of progress thanks to you.

Kathy ... Thank you for the conformation status for my order. I appreciate the prompt reply. I hope to do more business with you folks in the future. Wonderful customer service. Thanks again Blake Hooper

As a lifelong lover of the Banjo and live music, I would like to say a really BIG thank you for your superb easy to follow web site and contents. I have taken up the Banjo at sixty three years old and love it…….. (only one regret … I didn’t do it sooner) Thanks again….Len Pearce. Plymouth . England.

Goldtone PS 250 Plectrum Customer from Australia

Hi Thank you, I received my new banjo yesterday, it is really lovely, heavy compared to my beginners banjo but it sounds so great and feels just right for me. Thank you for your kind service. Isobel service reviewsbanjo encyclopedia reviewsbanjo online lesson reviewsbanjo cd reviews
banjo reviewsbanjo workshop reviewsshipping service reviewsbanjo book reviews
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