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  • Best Selling Books/CDs/DVDs
    by Ross Nickerson
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  • The BG-Mini

    Prices are listed below what comes free with the banjo, instrument details and demo videos. Thanks, Ross Nickerson
    from Goldtone Banjos and

    The Gold Tone Mini-Banjo plays great and is great youth banjo for children and kids ages 14 and under It's also a fantastic travel banjo that is small enough to fit in a backpack.

    With a two-way adjustable truss rod, a bone nut, planetary-style tuners and a geared fifth string peg, this is a lot of quality for not a lot of money, and it is a very playable novelty banjo. It has an eight-inch head stretched across a modified, hoop-style solid brass tone ring, and puts out a satisfactory tone and volume.

    Soundbyte of the Bluegrass Mini
    played by Scott Cockerham
    click here
    Includes free US banjo shipping,
    Fundamentals of Five String Banjo Book with 2 CDs and DVD (or other Ross Nickerson Book/CD/DVD of your choice)
    and a one year membership to

    Demo Videos and pricing below

    Child size banjo


    Easy to play small banjo for children and great travel banjo for adults.
    Small Travel Banjo travelling banjo

    Free Book/CD/DVD
    with purchase

    Comprehensive two hour Beginner DVD with 52 page book and two audio CDs, a 29.95 value.

    click for details

    online lesson
    Immediate Access to Beginner Online Banjo Lesson Option 1 as soon as you purchase the banjo. Includes high quality Video, Audio and Tablature.
    You'll be learning banjo
    before you know it.
    12.95 value

    click for details
    free videos
    Free one year membership to members site now has over 90 free videos, 50 lesson and song videos with matching tab, over 100 free tab files, more than 50 Ask the Banjo Teacher columns and instruction articles.
    29.95 value

    click for details

    Purchase from an expert
    The large corporate chains don't ship Goldtone banjos set up and ready to play.
    Their employees don't play banjo and know nothing about them.
    Purchase at from an expert!
    Demo Videos of Ross Nickerson Playing OB175

    What's Included with your Banjo Purchase at prices are 25% off the retail price and include free US shipping, complete banjo set-up and other other free items listed on each banjo's individual page.
    Call Ross if you have questions or need advice.
    I personally answer all calls and if I am on the other line, I return calls promptly.
    Callers can also choose another DVD or substitute free items

    Demo Video Homepage
    Goldtone BG-Mini banjoGoldtone BG-Mini banjo
    BG Mini Reviews

    My BG Mini arrived in great condition and it's a little bottler as we say in Australia! As a professional entertainer I don't usually buy an instrument at such a price but as I already have a GoldTone Orange Blossom I hoped that the quality would still be there. And it is! I'm looking forward to using the BG Mini in my club & festival work back. Thanks & I'm sure I'll be buying more through! Warm Regards from Aubrey Beggs

    Ross, Hooray!
    BG-Mini arrived late today. Beautiful! Have only had a few minutes to strum and love it already. Thanks much, Jack

    Goldtone BG Mini Customer from England, UK
    It's so nice and small and it sounds great. The mute works great too. I'm off home tonight to do some practising. Thanks for everything Jen


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    BG-Mini with Hard Case
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    The manufacturer does not make a gig bag for the BG Mini
    only a hard case is suitable

    Beginners Package Deal
    with BG Mini only $20.00

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    Beginner Package Details

    Left handed Goldtone BG Mini add 49.00
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    Here is a review on the BG-Mini
    Goldtone's Bluegrass Mini - From the Banjo Newsletter
    By Ben Freed

    Wayne Rogers of Gold Tone Musical Instruments has come up with some very innovative ideas in the entry- and intermediate-level banjo marketplace and his new Bluegrass Mini is no exception. This is truly a unique product that should find a home in several musical niches. It may be the world's only child-sized fully functional bluegrass banjo and it is way cool. It has a maple neck, a multi-ply maple rim, a bound mahogany fingerboard, and bound mahogany resonator. With a two-way adjustable truss rod, a bone nut, planetary-style tuners and a geared fifth string peg, this is a lot of quality for not a lot of money, and it is a very playable novelty banjo. It has an eight-inch head stretched across a modified, hoop-style solid brass tone ring, and puts out a satisfactory tone and volume. Its scale length is 19-3/4 inches and tunes up to the key of C with standard gauge strings, so when played in it's played in open position (no capo) it feels as if you were capoing at the fifth fret of a "normal" banjo. Certainly, any small child who has crumpled under the weight of a behemoth "Master-Tone" will love this neat little banjo. It actually looks like a Mastertone that accidentally got left in the "hot-dry" cycle. I can hardly imagine any bluegrass act not wanting one of these for a novelty tune. As a travel banjo, it's perfect, weighing in at six pounds. In fact, the Gold Tone Bluegrass Mini, with its case, could easily fit in a regular suitcase. The price is listed on this page and for a discounted additional you get the well-padded gig bag that has been designed exclusively for this neat banjo, which is sure to become a collectible. Recommended.

    *COMPARE OUR PRICES AND ALL WE OFFER WITH EACH PURCHASE - *BANJOS INCLUDE PROFESSIONAL SETUP, FREE SHIPPING and FREE CASE * Other items free with banjo purchases can include Book/CD/DVD, on board tuners, free banjo lessons with membership, immediate online lesson access, banjo straps and other freebies. Free items vary depending on what type of banjo.
    *Call Ross with questions, best price, advice or to change what's incuded free with each purchase.
    *Free US lower 48 state shipping on ALL models! Alaska and Hawaii receive $25 ship credit
    * International orders receive $25 shipping fee credit. Email for a international shipping quote * Call for more information on banjos 7 Days a week 10 to 10 PM at 1-866-322-6567 Visa/MC/Discover/AM Express/Paypal
    All banjos include a case, some models include shoulder gig bags and others hard shellcases. If you banjo doesn't include a hard case it will be offerred a significant discount.

    We ship to Canada, Germany, Philippines, Iraq, Italy, Japan, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand.
    We will ship just about anywhere!

    Thank you! .....When I opened the case, the banjo was perfectly in tune and had a straight neck. It sounds great and I'm very pleased with the product. I am even more pleased with your communication with regard to my purchase. P.S. Thanks for the book too.
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    Goldtone Banjos come set up, tuned and ready to play!
    In addition to your Goldtone Banjo arriving set up and ready to play,
    The Fundamentals of Five String Banjo DVD that comes free with most banjo's
    has a segment that shows you clearly how to keep your banjo in tune.
    Fundamentals of Five String banjo also features a segment called Basic Banjo Set Up
    that explains how to keep the head tight, change strings and other maintenance tips.

    Visa, Mastercard, Discover American Express, Paypal Accepted

    all credit cards accepted

    Details on ordering Gold Tone Banjos online from and FAQ prices includes free US shipping, or international shipping credit,
    complete banjo set-up with other free items listed on each banjo's individual page.

    For phone orders and more information on Banjos at
    Call 1-866-322-6567 10 AM to 10 PM EST 7 days a week

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