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Here are Banjo Lessons, Books, DVDs and CDs for Intermediate banjo players and newbies who are past the beginning stages and need some insight to move keep moving forward with their banjo playing.

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    The Banjo Encyclopedia "Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z" by Ross Nickerson - Custom Wirebound Book and CDPurchase here at the author Ross Nickerson's website and receive an exclusive version of The Banjo Encyclopedia that is spiral bound and includes a hard copy CD. The Spiral/Wirebound Banjo Encyclopedia editions are available ONLY at...
  • 7 Reviews
    Build a solid foundation with correct 3 finger "Scruggs Style" 5-string banjo technique!Master "Scruggs Style" Bluegrass banjo with Ross Nickerson's five step process  First, hear the song with the full band up to speed. Next, hear the same arrangement at a slower speed Third is verbal instruction breaking down and demonstrating the arrangement while...
  • $29.95
    The regular price for these each book is 19.95. Here you can purchase both How to Build Your Speed on the Banjo and Scruggs Style Instruction for 5 String Banjo for only 29.95 AND receive FREE US Shipping.Below is a brief description of each book. There are detailed descriptions, sound clips and reviews at the individual webpage for these books. Navigate...
  • 9 Reviews
    From the private teaching and workshops I have been doing especially of late, this subject matter is what students have strongly expressed a desire to improve on. I'm not sure what more to tell you except I'm confident these DVDs will be of great benefit. Ross NickersonThe content on the new DVDs targets what banjo players are craving for to reach the...
  • 11 Reviews
    With Bonus Video Learning the Chord Forms Up and Down the Neck Learn the Chords to Each Song Songs Played at Three Speeds Ross Nickerson plays a solo and then plays backup for you Includes Guitar and Bass Backup at all three speeds Includes a tablature arrangement for each song Comprehensive Book that includes Text instruction and detailed tablature Split...
  • 4 Reviews
    Eight different categories of "Must Know" Essential Banjo Licks with easy to read tablature and split screen video. Categories include Beginnings, Endings, Turnarounds, Scruggs Style, Melodic, Backup, Up the Neck, Chromatic, Blues, Bending Strings, Slow Banjo Styles, Hot Licks.(see descriptions below)This DVD features over 100 useful and fun banjo licks...
  • 4 Reviews
    Ross Nickerson of has come out with the newest in his ongoing series of top rated Banjo Instruction DVDs, How to Practice Banjo. What could be more practical and useful than to receive guidance on the one subject that will ultimately define your overall ability and success with learning this fun, but sometimes tricky instrument? Ross...
  • 2 Reviews
    When you boil it all down, understanding and executing proper timing on the banjo is the foundation of everything you play. Perhaps if you played the fiddle you might be able to get by playing a melody slightly loose on the timing of where the melody notes should be placed, but, on the banjo where we have no ability to sustain a note, just like a drum,...
  • 3 Reviews
    Learning how to play banjo in different keys other than G when learning banjo is an important part of your banjo learning experience. Ross simplifies this difficult transition and makes it easy to transpose what you know already to these other keys. There are many similarities to playing banjo in these keys and with a few simple tips you can learn to...
  • $32.95
    "A visual method for learning the basic techniques used to play bluegrass banjo accompaniment in up the neck positions. The material is presented in a step by step approach appropriate for all levels of pickers, and a tab booklet is included. Techniques covered include: vamping with variations 3/4 time backup roll patterns based on chord formsclassic...
  • $55.00
    by Tony Trischka And Pete Wernick In their own words and Music This book that will help you in learning more about mastering the banjo from the banjo masters themselves. Here is the most comprehensive banjo book ever written. Tony Trischka and Pete Wernick spent four years researching, organizing and fine tuning this project with staggering results: over...
  • 6 Reviews
    Learn how to make everything you play sound better while increasing your speed and overall ability. Get valuable insights on right hand technique, practice habits, and tips that will save you hours of practice time and move you forward towards your goals. The book and CD includes 24 two measure banjo rolls or "picking patterns" at three speeds to...
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