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Here are some of the best banjo books and dvds for learning bluegrass banjo and backup. It's important to learn the
building block backup banjo licks and then have an avenue for putting them to practical practice.
This selection of Books and DVDs offers both.

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  • $29.95
    Four-time IBMA Banjo Player of the Year, Sammy Shelor shares his insight and experience in this 80 minute instructional video. AcuTabs John Lawless takes Sammy through a discussion of such tricky concepts as playing the melody in a roll style, effective roll-oriented backup, filling the holes on a vocal number and finding the best tone. In addition,...
  • $24.95
    In this one-hour session, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine presents three of today's top flatpicking guitarists performing together in a live concert setting. David Grier, three-time IBMA Guitar Player of the Year and one of Acoustic Guitar Magazine's "Artists of the Decade" performs with two-time IBMA Guitar Player of the Year, Kenny Smith, and long-time Tony...
  • $29.95
    A recurring frustration for banjo players at every level of skill and experience is the seeming mystery that surrounds setting up your instrument for that Killer Tone. We all know that sound when we hear it — a banjo that cuts through a jam or a band while still retaining the rich, sweet tone that defined the classic bluegrass recordings of the 40’s and...
  • $32.95
    "A visual method for learning the basic techniques used to play bluegrass banjo accompaniment in up the neck positions. The material is presented in a step by step approach appropriate for all levels of pickers, and a tab booklet is included. Techniques covered include: vamping with variations 3/4 time backup roll patterns based on chord formsclassic...
  • $32.95
    A step-by-step demonstration of the basic techniques and patterns used to play roll style bluegrass banjo backup in the open, or first position. Contains material of interest to both beginners and more experienced players alike. Starting with the most basic, first look at following a simple chord progression, AcuTab's John Lawless takes you through a...
  • $19.95
    This is an excellent DVD for beginner clawhammer players. Bob's been playing and teaching for many years so he knows how to help you get off to good start and can explain it in terms that a brand new banjo player can understand. Bob is a legendary well known old time frailing, clawhammer banjo artist. He has lots of experience understands how to get you...
  • $9.95
    Banjo Chords Made Easy DVDby Joe Carr Product Description:This handy DVD takes the banjo student through all the basic banjo chords then moves into some advanced voicings. Chords are shown in all keys. Chords include major 7, minor 7, 6, minor 6, 9, diminished, augmented and many more. DVD format makes navigating easy.
  • $29.95
    Learn the basics of bluegrass jamming for all instruments, and pick up tips and tricks valuable at any skill level. 2.5 Hour DVD with booklet Most people pick up one of the bluegrass instruments with an eye towards getting to play with other musicians. For some, the goal is no more grand than to participate in local jam sessions or parking lot picking at...
  • $29.95
    Featuring Bill Evans 2 Hour DVD/tab bookletLearn how to play bluegrass banjo backup. Taught by a talented banjo player and informative instructor you will be taught many of the ins and outs of bluegrass banjo backup in a structured clear and easy to understand way. The first two releases in our Power Pickin’ series presented basic concepts for playing...
  • $42.50
    3.5 hours of banjo instruction on two discs, with tab bookletThis 2 DVD release from AcuTab begins with Ron explaining how he learned, and what resources have been useful to him, plus how he looks at both left and right hand patterns. AcuTab’s John Lawless leads him through a discussion of several topics, including tone production, Ron’s use of bends and...
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

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