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GOLD Members Lesson Site -3 Year Subscription
Thank you so much for the tips. I am very impressed with the site, as well as your pre-delivery atte ...
Patriotic Medley on Banjo - Complete Tab Transcription Available - Advanced Banjo Tab - Ross Nickerson Video
Great to hear on this historic celebration day. Important to honor the day, and the brilliant minds ...
Wood Banjo Armrest - Curly Maple - Looks Great
Hello Kathy, I just received the armrest. That was incredibly fast, and the color you picked is a pe ...
Doc Fossey Guitar for the 5-String Banjo Player
I purchased mine from Ross several years ago. It still looks and plays very well, and has a pleasi ...

Banjo Instruction 

FREE US Shipping on Multiple Banjo Book, CD and DVD orders
From the very beginning I've always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and helping others learn to play the banjo. Through my years of experience, teaching privately, and traveling in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia teaching group banjo workshops, I’ve gained many unique insights into the common obstacles facing banjo students today. I've listene...

  • Beginners Newbies
    Beginners Newbies

    Beginner Banjo Players

    Beginning Bluegrass Banjo Lessons. Learn Bluegrass Banjo Technique "Right" from the Start!
    Ross Nickerson has the best beginner banjo book for students just starting out. Ross will teach you how to play banjo rolls, chords, how to tune the banjo, play songs and much, much more.

    Ross has helped thousands just like you begin learning the joy of picking a banjo.

    Choose your own combinations of Ross Nickerson Books, DVDs and CDs and AUTOMATICALLY receive Huge DISCOUNTS and FREE US Shipping!Just add Books and DVDs to the cart and the discounts are generated automatically He has over 20 learn to play banjo Books, CDs. DVDs titles to choose from for beginner to advanced students.

    ".....Just want to take a minute to say thank you to Ross and the Beginning the 5 String Banjo book, cd and dvd! I have wanted to learn banjo for 30 years, have owned one for 2 years and am finally now - thanks to Ross - learning to play! This is so cool~God bless you"

    "......Your Books are the best thing I found on the market for Banjo"

    "Ross, .....Just wanted you to know that I've learned more from reading only 13 pages of your Learning The Five String Banjo book than I have in two lessons from my (former) instructor. I am a special ed teacher myself so I know the difference between knowing a lot of material and teaching it to someone.. save me a slot on your schedule as a life-time student!!! Thanks again. Steve"

    See what else customers are saying about Ross's books

    Order Multiple Ross Nickerson Books, DVDs or CDs and receive
    Big Discounts AND Free US Shipping AUTOMATICALLY in the shopping cart!
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  • Song Books Banjo Tabs
    Song Books Banjo Tabs

    Banjo Song Books and Music

    These banjo song books for banjo are suitable for beginner banjo players that have started learning songs and intermediate banjo players.

    All books include easy to read banjo music in banjo tablature, CDs and most of our banjo books also include DVDs. The DVDs and CDs demonstrate each song played at three tempos for easy learning and playing along. 

    Ross's  books are all comprehensive with easy to read with detailed banjo tablature that indicates right and left hand fingerings, chords, accent marks for melody notes and all the bases covered. Many of the books include backup band play along tracks for better practice routines and many other practical time saving tips on learning to play banjo.

    Ross, Your lessons and teaching methods are the best! I've purchased a lot of books and dvd's from other artists, but find your way to be the best. I flew thru your Beginning 5 string Banjo and can play all songs at about 85 bpm on my metronome. Never played a banjo before getting your book. You make it fun. The Banjo Song Book looks great and can't wait to get goin on that. BTW - got your new CD and it's awesome!Thanks , Doug

    "......Ross, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I learned more from your book and tapes in an hour, than in nine months with other sources. I am 64 and was beginning to doubt that I could ever learn to play the banjo. Now I believe I can do this! You are my new banjo hero, next to Kermit of course! Thanks again. Mallorie"

    Order Multiple Ross Nickerson Books, DVDs or CDs and receive
    Big Discounts AND Free US Shipping AUTOMATICALLY in the shopping cart!
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  • Banjo Technique
    Banjo Technique

    Learning and Improving Your Banjo Technique and Skills

    The Books, DVDs and CDs in this category are for beginner/intermediate, next step intermediate banjo players with materials for more advanced banjo players too.

    Featured in this category are lessons designed to help improve your banjo picking rolls, timing, playing banjo by ear, playing banjo up the neck, back up banjo, playing banjo in different keys, improving practice habits and other valuable bluegrass banjo techniques and skills.

    Comments on Ross Nickerson's Banjo Encyclopedia, "Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z"

    "….I think that what you have created is the new gold standard for banjo instruction. It is an absolutely beautiful, beautifully written book, which I know will now be the foundation of my lifetime banjo study."

    "I got The Banjo Encyclopedia Friday and have read it cover to cover. Very well done. ...I did go to the Table of Contents and, in my opinion as a former HS teacher and college lecturer for 25 years - Ross has put together something that I would say is the first book/CD that anyone who knows they want to learn 5 string should have."

    "......bought your Banjo Encyclopedia about 6 weeks ago, I have put all my other books on ice, yours is THE one. It covers everything I will possibly want to know for the next 20 years or so. It will in my opinion become the seminal book on banjo."

    Order Multiple Ross Nickerson Books, DVDs or CDs and receive
    Big Discounts AND Free US Shipping AUTOMATICALLY in the shopping cart!
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  • Banjo Lesson DVDs
    Banjo Lesson DVDs

    DVDs for Learning Banjo

    Ross Nickerson DVD banjo lessons for beginner banjo playersintermediate banjo players and advanced banjo players.

    You can start with the basics with the Fundamentals of Five String Banjo DVD/Book/CDs, Learn to play banjo without tablature with the Playing Banjo By Ear and Learning the Chords DVD.

    Learn to jam and play with others with the Banjo Jamming and Play Along DVD with the bonus Learning the Chord shape lessons.

    We have DVDs and banjo lessons to learn more advanced banjo licks, improve banjo practice habits, playing chords and songs up the neck, backup banjohow to play in different keys while in G Tuning. improve your timing, learn new songs in different tunings like D tuning, C tuning and G modal tuning and a lot more.

    We carry many other quality banjo books, DVDs and CDs to get you started and keep you moving forward. hand picks these banjo DVDs and methods having the expertise to choose ones with real instruction value. Allowing only DVDs and books on to the site that are consistent with learning proper banjo technique.

    We also carry carefully selected old time, frailing clawhammer Books and DVDs, 4-string tenor and plectrum DVDs, Irish tenor DVDs and books, bluegrass mandolin, Flatpick bluegrass guitar and Dobro/resophonic guitar DVDs and Books as well.  Please browse around and call with questions anytime too. 1-866-322-6567

    When ordering more than one Ross Nickerson Book, DVD or CD
    Free US Shipping and Big Discounts are Added Automatically!
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  • Discounts and Free Shipping
    Discounts and Free...

    Ross Nickerson Banjo Books and DVDs
    Discounts and Free Shipping Information

    Now you can choose any combination of Ross Nickerson Books, DVDs and CDs for huge discounts AND Free US Shipping too. Just add Books and DVDs to the cart and the discounts are applied automatically.

    free us shipping on multiple banjo books/dvds/cds

    Click to see the discount amounts and details

    "..I am 100% convinced that your site and your personal instruction are the best out there. I would most strongly encourage anyone interested in playing (or in advancing their skill on) the banjo to take advantage of the multiple tools available through your web site and/or to attend one of your clinics. Nothing comes close to the“return on the dollar” they will get from your teaching methodsRobert

    Purchase 5 Ross Nickerson Banjo Instruction DVDs for $99

    Free US Shipping and a discount of 49.75. Details

    Ross Nickerson DVDs

    Buy all 12 DVDs for one low price - Details


    Free US Shipping is for Multiple Book, DVDs and CD orders only.
    Note: When ordering under this promotion, if you order additional items at the same time that are not Free US Shipping like picks or strings, the shipping cost is only added for those additional items.

    Instruction Book/CD/DVD Discounts

    Each time you add a book or DVD priced at 29.95 to the cart the discounts are automatically calculated and away goes any US shipping charges.

    • 1 Book/DVD $29.95 | 2 Books/DVDs $49.95
    • 3 Books/DVDs $69.95 | 4 Books/DVDs $84.90
    • 5 Books/DVDs $99.00 | 6 Books/DVDs $115.00
    • 7 Books/DVDs $129.00 | 8 Books/DVDs $142.00
    • 9 Books/DVDs $149.00 | 12 Books/DVDs $188:00
    • more items = more discounts

    Banjo Book DVD Discount Details


    CD Discounts

    Discounts are automatically calculated and Free US Shipping

    • 1 CD $11.95
    • 2 CDs $20
    • 3 CDs $25
    • 4 CDs $30
    • 5 CDs $35
    • Each additional CD $5

    CD Discount Details


    Banjo Made Easy Book Discounts

    Discounts automatically calculated / Free US Shipping

    • 1 Books $16.95
    • 2 Books $29.95
    • 3 Books $45
    • 4 Books $60
    • 5 Books $69

    Banjo Made Easy Books - Discount Details

    Ross Nickerson

  • Intermediate Banjo Lessons
    Intermediate Banjo...

    Here are Banjo Lessons, Books, DVDs and CDs for Intermediate banjo players and newbies who are past the beginning stages and need some insight to move keep moving forward with their banjo playing.

    Free Banjo Book Shipping

    When ordering more than one Ross Nickerson Book, DVD or CD

    Free US Shipping and Big Discounts are Added Automatically!
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  • Backup Band Play Along
    Backup Band Play Along

    Learn how to play banjo with a band

    Learn to play along with a band with our banjo play along software, CDs and DVDs. We have bluegrass banjo play along videos, back up music, and much more.

    The best way to get experience playing banjo with a band or other musicians band is simulating the experience by playing along with specifically made CDs and DVDs that provide a backup bluegrass band to play along with. The best ones provide slow speeds to start with so you can catch on quickly, and then medium and up to speed versions to continue challenging you and moving forward This type of banjo practice will give you lots of repetitions which is one of the keys to success when developing your ability to play with a band on the banjo.

    Free Banjo Book Shipping

    When ordering more than one Ross Nickerson Book, DVD or CD
    Free US Shipping and Big Discounts are Added Automatically!

    See Details and How Much is Discounted

  • Advanced Banjo
    Advanced Banjo

    Advanced Banjo Tabs and Advanced Online Banjo Lessons from Ross Nickerson

    Ross Nickerson Live Video Transcriptions and Advanced Banjo Tabs
    I'm excited to have 13 more advanced songs from performance videos transcribed and available to learn from.
    I hope they are helpful to to those of you interested in learning new banjo songs, licks, or arrangements.
    The material should be more challenging because it is improvised and not thought out or recorded to match a tab book.


    When ordering more than one Ross Nickerson Book, DVD or CD
    Free US Shipping and Big Discounts are Added Automatically!

    See Details and How Much is Discounted

  • Banjo CDs MP3s
    Banjo CDs MP3s

    Banjo CDs on sale at at the best prices

    Purchase 5-string bluegrass banjo CDs at a discount or buy them as a digital download right here. There are big discounts when purchasing more than one CD and you receive Free US shipping.


    When ordering more than one Ross Nickerson Book, DVD or CD
    Free US Shipping and Big Discounts are Added Automatically!

    See Details and How Much is Discounted

  • JD Crowe Tab Books
    JD Crowe Tab Books

    Tablature Books for Legendary Banjo Master J.D. Crowe on the Five String Banjo in partnership with JD Crowe and Tab Transcriber Russell Sawler launch a full series of JD Crowe Banjo Tab Books now available easy online through

    This is the consumate collection of JD Crowe Music and Tablature.

    There is nothing like it available anywhere else.
    Russell Sawlers tab transcriptions are very accuarate and OK'd by JD. This is incredible really, so many of us had to painstakingly try to learn these solos from the records. Now they have been tabbed out note for note in easy to read tab with complete accuracy.

  • Banjo Songs Made Easy
    Banjo Songs Made Easy

    "Banjo Songs Made Easy" Books by Banjo Master Ross Nickerson

    Support the author and purchase direct at
    There are five easy books to choose from. They all include a CD of the songs demonstrated at three tempos along with a rhythm track to play along with. When purchasing more than one Book/CD and receive a big discount and free shipping. Listed below the the Five Books:

    Children's Songs for Banjo Made Easy

    Fiddle Tunes for Banjo Made Easy

    Gospel Songs for Banjo Made Easy

    Bluegrass Standards for Banjo Made Easy

    Christmas Music Made Easy for Banjo

    Free Banjo Book Shipping
    When ordering more than one Ross Nickerson Book, DVD or CD
    Free US Shipping and Big Discounts are Added Automatically!
    See Details and How Much is Discounted

  • E-Books You Download
    E-Books You Download

    E-Books and CD Tracks you can download immediately after you purchase

    Banjo Teacher proudly provides banjo e-books online for download. We also provide banjo cd’s online, which you can download immediately following purchase.
    You save on the price of the books because there are no shipping charges and you get immediate access including the MP 3 CD tracks.

    Free Banjo Book Shipping
    Free US Shipping and Discounts are Added Automatically!
    See Details and How Much is Discounted

  • Old Time, Frailing, Clawhammer
    Old Time, Frailing,...

    Learn Old Time Clawhammer and Folk Banjo

    Old Time Banjos and Instruction for Frailing, Clawhammer and Folk Style Banjo

    We have DVDs, books, and online audio to help you learn how to play old time banjo songs, frailing banjo songs, and clawhammer banjo songs.

     Check out our Old Time Banjos from Goldtone, Deering, Recording King Nechville and Morgan Monroe Open Back Clawhammer Banjos

    Featuring the White Layde and other Gold tone open back old-time style banjos.

  • Other Banjo Instructors
    Other Banjo Instructors

    Here are some of the best banjo books and dvds for learning bluegrass banjo and backup. It's important to learn the
    building block backup banjo licks and then have an avenue for putting them to practical practice.
    This selection of Books and DVDs offers both.

  • Tenor and Plectrum
    Tenor and Plectrum

    4 String Tenor, Plectrum and Irish Tenor Banjo Instruction Books, CDs and DVDs at

  • Irish Tenor Books and DVDs
    Irish Tenor Books and...

    4 String Irish and Celtic Tenor banjo, Plectrum and Irish Tenor Banjo Instruction Books, CDs and DVDs

    For those of you looking to learn Irish Tenor Banjo technique and songs, you can learn how with our Irish tenor banjo books, DVDs, CD’ and more.

  • Learn Beginner Banjo Chords
    Learn Beginner Banjo...

    Specific chord books to learn banjo chords.

    Most of our Books and DVDs teach chords but these are specific charts or chord books to focus on learning banjo chords. We even carry a left handed banjo chord book.

  • Guitar Books/CDs/DVDs
    Guitar Books/CDs/DVDs

    Guitar Instructional Books, CD's and DVD recommended by Ross Nickerson

    We have a great selection of guitar books, cd’s, dvd’s, and more like our western swing guitar book, bluegrass guitar dvd, and flatpick guitar book.

  • Dobro Instruction
    Dobro Instruction

    Instructional Material for the Resophonic Guitar - "Dobro"

    If you want to learn the Dobro, you came to the right place for dobro banjo instruction products like gospel dobro cds, bluegrass dobro books, and more.

  • Mandolin Books/DVDs
    Mandolin Books/DVDs

    Mandolin Books, CDs and DVDs

    Instructional Books, CD's and DVD recommended by Ross Nickerson.

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  • 0 1 2 3 4 (12)
    $29.95 $39.95
    Reduced price!
    Everything you'll need to know to learn how to play banjo "right" from the beginning! Ross Nickerson has the best beginner banjo book for students just starting out. His approach to teaching beginning bluegrass banjo will get you picking and grinning right away. Jump right in and learn how to play banjo rolls, chords, how to tune the banjo, play songs...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (13)
    The Banjo Encyclopedia "Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z" by Ross Nickerson - Custom Wire bound Book and Hard Copy CD. The Spiral/Wirebound Banjo Encyclopedia editions with Hard Copy CD are available ONLY at Purchase here at the author Ross Nickerson's website and receive an exclusive version of The Banjo Encyclopedia that...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (7)
    $29.95 $39.95
    Reduced price!
    Learn Dueling Banjos and other favorite bluegrass banjo songs from and Ross Nickerson with easy to read and use Book, CD and DVD. High Quality DVD with split screen technology showing both hands close up. Both the DVD and Audio CD demonstrate each song at slow, medium and "up to speed" tempo for easier learning. 12 popular 5-string banjo...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (4)
    Eight different categories of "Must Know" Essential Banjo Licks with easy to read tablature and split screen video. Categories include Beginnings, Endings, Turnarounds, Scruggs Style, Melodic, Backup, Up the Neck, Chromatic, Blues, Bending Strings, Slow Banjo Styles, Hot Licks.....I ordered Ross Nickerson Essential Banjo Licks and it is outstanding...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (9)
    From the private teaching and workshops I have been doing especially of late, this subject matter is what students have strongly expressed a desire to improve on. I'm not sure what more to tell you except I'm confident these DVDs will be of great benefit. Ross NickersonThe content on the DVDs targets what banjo players are craving for to reach the next...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (10)
    With Bonus Video Learning the Chord Forms Up and Down the NeckLearn how to play along with me by ear using only the chords to the song on 7 important standards. Each song is played at 3 tempos and you can loop them over and over. There is nothing better for your playing than repetitions. This is the way to learn to play by ear and get the reps you...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (4)
    How To Practice Banjo by Ross Nickerson Ross Nickerson of has come out with the newest in his ongoing series of top rated Banjo Instruction DVDs, How to Practice Banjo. Learn how to practice banjo more effectively and improve banjo practice habits with Ross Nickerson's complete banjo instruction DVD, How to Practice Banjo. What could...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (7)
    Build a solid foundation with correct 3 finger "Scruggs Style" 5-string banjo technique!Master "Scruggs Style" Bluegrass banjo with Ross Nickerson's five step process FREE US SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM First, hear the song with the full band up to speed. Next, hear the same arrangement at a slower speed Third is verbal instruction breaking down and...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Learn how to make everything you play sound better while increasing your speed and overall ability. Get valuable insights on right hand technique, practice habits, and tips that will save you hours of practice time and move you forward towards your goals. The book and CD includes 24 two measure banjo rolls or "picking patterns" at three speeds to...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Purchase 5 Ross Nickerson Banjo Instruction DVDs for a discount of 49.75 and receive Free US Shipping too.DVD Discount Package 1 Click on the link to get more information about each titleFundamentals of Five String Banjo - Book/DVD/CDsBanjo Songs for Beginners - Book/DVD/CDPlaying Banjo By Ear & Learning Chords - DVDBanjo Jamming and Play Along -...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (4)
    Learn Rock Solid Banjo Timing and get loads of tips, tablature and demonstrations on playing backup with Ross Nickerson's DVD.  When you boil it all down, understanding and executing proper timing on the banjo is the foundation of everything you play. Perhaps if you played the fiddle you might be able to get by playing a melody slightly loose on the...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Purchase 12 Ross Nickerson DVDs for $149 and receive Free US Shipping. Normal DVD price is 29.95 per DVD.Buy all 12 DVDs for one low price of $199 Here are links to details for each Ross Nickerson SetGospel Songs for Banjo - Book/DVD/CDFundamentals of Five String Banjo - Book/DVD/CDsBanjo Songs for Beginners - Book/DVD/CDPlaying Banjo By Ear & Learning...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (5)
    Make Practice Fun! Learn to play with others on banjo with your own backup band! Practice banjo songs over and over with this Bluegrass Backup Band CD. Practicing banjo by playing along gives you the experience confidence you need to play banjo in a jam session or in a group situation.   Practice songs over and over at three different speeds will help you...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Gospel songs for Banjo is a collection of popular Gospel Songs arranged by banjo master Ross Nickerson All Lesson demonstrations are slowed down for easy learning The tablature is big, easy to read and includes left and right hand fingering indications, as well as accent marks for melody notes too. Also in the book is the chords for each song, instruction...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    The Scruggs Book at Learn the style of Earl Scruggs from the master himself. The Earl Scruggs book has been revised from its original version with easier to read tablature and the cassette audio tape is now on CD. This is the original Earl Scruggs Book that featured tablature transcribed by Banjo player Bill Keith. The way I heard the...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (2)
    Beginner Banjo Songs to help Beginner Banjo students learn to play the melody easier. Beginner Banjo Songs to help new banjo beginners learn to play the melody easier. The Banjo Book, DVD, CD includes banjo lessons for 14 beginner banjo songs. All songs are taught by Ross Nickerson using 5-string three finger bluegrass "Scruggs Style" banjo technique.Each...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Note for note transcriptions for all the solos from Ross Nickerson's critically acclaimed CD "Lets Kick It" It is very accurately transcribed both by tab transcriber Russell Sawler and Ross Nickerson. Russell's mastery of the tabledit program is un matched right down to all the fine details. The book is easy to read including any needed right and left...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    This is the best and easiest to read banjo chord chart I've seen. I have received really good feed back on these from our students and customers. Ross Nickerson Full-size wall chart featuring chords and notes on the fretboard for banjo in G tuning. Major, minor, 7th, maj7, min7, 6, 9, augmented and diminished chords are shown. Chords are shown in a...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Easy to play five-string banjo arrangements of twelve Christmas favorites by banjo master Ross Nickerson. Each song is arranged and performed using proper three-finger bluegrass technique. The arrangements are carefully designed to bring out the melody, but easy enough for a beginner or intermediate player to learn quickly. The banjo tab for the Christmas...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    A collection of some of J.D. Crowe's most popular instrumental solos in tablature. Tab for JD Crowe instrumentals solos painstakenly tabbed out in to easy to read tablature by tab transcriber Russell Sawler and approved by JD Crowe. Songs included: Black Jack, Five Miles to Winchester, Salt Creek, Train 45, John Hardy,Sally Goodin, Fireball, Shucking the...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (1)
    All arrangements are easy to play and learn. I wrote the arrangements so you could hear the melody clearly without having to be an advanced player to get the satisfaction of playing the song so you recognize the tune. These types of songs are excellent for your development because you know the tune so well, you will instinctively improve your own ability...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (5)
    Make Practice Fun! Learn to play with others on banjo with your own backup band!Practice your banjo the fun way with these bluegrass backup tracks to practice your banjo with. Use the CD to simulate playing your banjo with a full bluegrass band with the freedom to try it over and over and get it right.Practice songs over and over at three different speeds...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Buy direct from the author Ross Nickerson "Bluegrass Standards Made Easy for Banjo" is a collection of bluegrass jam standards presented in easy to learn arrangements. Included are tips for learning each song, backup tracks to practice with and songs recorded at 3 speeds. Left and Right-hand fingering notations have been meticulously added to the music....
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Easy to play five-string banjo arrangements of twenty-four Children's favorites by banjo master Ross Nickerson. Not only are these songs fun to play but from an instructional standpoint they are perfect for helping you develop the ability to bring out the melody in the bluegrass banjo style. Accenting the melody within the steady rhythmic roll of banjo...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Purchase direct from the author at Ross Nickerson's website, Here is one of my latest books in the made easy series published by Mel Bay. These are easy to learn "must know" banjo banjo fiddle tune instrumental standards. The book includes a CD of me picking each song at three speeds. Below is the more detailed description I wrote for the...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (5)
    Learn Banjo Technique... "right" from the beginning!  - Learn the basics of 5-string bluegrass banjo playing "right" from the beginning.  Study with Ross Nickerson and get your banjo playing off to a good start. Learn Banjo technique correctly first and create good habits right from the start.Ross Nickerson covers all these subjects with you in a personal...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Purchase direct from the author at Ross Nickerson's website, From Ross Nickerson: I arranged and recorded some of my favorite bluegrass banjo gospel songs specially for this Book and Audio combo. I hope you enjoy picking them. Ross Nickerson Gospel Songs for Banjo Made Easy is a collection of gospel favorites arranged for bluegrass...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Left-Handed Banjo Chord Chart by William BayA quick-reference guide for the left-handed 5-string and G-tuning banjo chords, plus a fingerboard diagram showing the location of the notes on the banjo fingerboard. Sorry we can only ship to Canada and U.S.
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    by Tom Hanway (Book + Online Audio)This book and accompanying audio present Irish, Celtic and British Isles folk melodies for the 5-string banjo. The book demonstrates contemporary Celtic fingerstyle banjo in G tuning using modern techniques. 32 airs and song melodies are presented, with chords written in standard notation and tablature. Play-along and...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    J.D. Crowe Banjo Solos & many selected backups in tablature from the album J.D. Crowe & The New South Come On Down To My WorldBanjo Tablature for J.D. Crowe and the New South albums and CDs. Includes solos and many selected JD crowe backup tabs. Banjo Tab for JD Crowe and the New South Songs:Back to the Barrooms, Come On Down to My World, Come Back...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Tabs for JD Crowe songs featuring Pike County Breakdown, Black Jack and Little Girl in Tennessee Complete tablature transcriptions for all the banjo solos from the reissue of the classic Bluegrass Holiday including the 4 bonus tracksJD Crowe tabs for: Philadelphia Lawyer, Will You Be Satisfied This Way, Train 45, You Go to Your Church, She's Just A cute...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Learn how to play beginning clawhammer banjo by Book and Online Audio. Clawhammer Banjo from Scratch - A Guide for the Claw-less! This book teaches clawhammer banjo the way we play, not the way others say. It really begins as though you really have NO knowledge of how to play the five string banjo clawhammer style. Based on Dan's innovative Meet the...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    How to Build a Banjo BanjoCraft is a brief look at banjo making in the small shop. This book is intended to to be accessible to banjo people and wood workers of all skill levels. BanjoCraft contains 50+ full color photos and 46 pages of detailed banjo making knowledge. From the author Robert Browder: My own interest in banjo making came by playing music...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    by Tony Trischka And Pete Wernick In their own words and Music This book that will help you in learning more about mastering the banjo from the banjo masters themselves. Here is the most comprehensive banjo book ever written. Tony Trischka and Pete Wernick spent four years researching, organizing and fine tuning this project with staggering results: over...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Buy All 7 JD Crowe Tablature Transcription You can get the whole collection of tab for JD Crowe at a discount when you order all 7 books at once,save 75.00Instrumental Solos The New South Come On Down To My World J.D. Crowe & The New SouthLive Show Solos Bluegrass HolidayLive Show Solos Volume 2Classic Solos
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (3)
     Easy to read tab with tips on learning the songs, backup tips, notes on each song of Ross Nickerson's award winning CD Blazing the West. The tablature book includes all the solos tabbed out from this critically acclaimed CD as well as backup tips, tips on learning the songs, cut by cut descriptions and photos. Country Music Television voted Blazing the...
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