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The Banjo Teachers Directory at is for both students and teachers. Students please use this free service to find a banjo teacher near you, and banjo teachers please help me build the list, Thanks, Ross Nickerson

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Banjo Teachers in Australia

Australian bluegrass and old time banjo teachers and instructors

Australia Banjo Camp with Ross Nickerson, Peter Nahuysen, Gary Vann and other instructors
email [email protected] for details


Shaun Gardner, Morwell [email protected] 0428330025

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Name: Craig Woodward
Style: Old Time, Clawhammer
Email: [email protected]
phone: (61) 03 83000111

Brisbane Australia

Gary Vann - I teach banjo, fiddle and mandolin in Brisbane Australia

[email protected]

Melbourne, Australia

Peter Somerville. : email address [email protected].


Perth, Western Australia

[email protected]


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The Banjo Cruise: Banjo Lessons at sea for all levels including beginners