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Free Banjo Instruction and Help Learning the Banjo


Free instruction articles,
Sound bytes and
Free tablature
from Ross Nickerson at

Here is some help learning the banjo with the instruction articles I've posted below for free. There are over 50 diferent items.
Thanks, Ross Nickerson

Ask the Banjo Instructor articles

Ask the Banjo Instructor articles now available free at click here

Ask the author of The Banjo Encyclopedia questions
Ask Banjo Encyclopedia tips and questions answered free for students at click here

Ross's New Free Instruction Pages and Blog
Free tips, articles and banjo lessons for banjo beginners

New Banjo Student Forum at
Banjo Lesson and Tips forum

Here are two free instruction topics for you to read that I used in my seminars at The Maryland Banjo Academy
Hints for Developing Speed and Technique
Improvising In Scruggs' Style

Here is a link to our tablature page with some books, videos, free tabs, video samples, and soundbytes.
Tablature Page

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Other Banjo Instruction articles
"Getting in the Zone" by Ross Nckerson
Free Banjo Instruction Article by Ross Nickerson-"Planting Fingers on the Head"


Banjo Books and DVDs

Song Downloads! Now you can download individual songs for banjo and download the tab music files too.
Click here for more info

New E-books with CD tracks to download
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