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Banjo Replacement Parts from

Banjo Parts and Replacement Items

armrests tailpiece tuning pegs banjo head bridge tone ring

Armrests / Tailpieces / Tuning Pegs /
Heads and Hooks / Bridges / Tone rings

Goldtone has thousands of banjo parts available which are not listed on the web site.

Any parts on any of our banjo models are available.

Call for prices and more information. Toll free 1-866-322-6567

Ross, thank you for your prompt reply. I just spoke with Tommy at Goldtone and he is sending the replacement backing plate right out. I am impressed with the service of both yourself and Goldtone. Customer service seems to be a forgotten commodity today but I am happy to see that it is not forgotten at and Goldtone. Once again, thank you. Don Luttrell

banjo parts

Graphite Banjo Neck, Graphite Banjo Bridge, Interchangeable Necks, Skin Heads for Banjo,
Sliding Magnetic Pickup for Banjo, Banjo Pickup Mics,

These are just some of the unique banjo items with many more parts available.
All parts on Gold Tone Banjos can be sold as a one piece items.
Please call for more information.
Toll free 1-866-322-6567

Here at we do everything we can to make your 
experience a positive one and always provide the best customer service.














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