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Goldtone BF-250F Wide
on Sale at!

BG-250F W Wide
from Goldtone Banjos and
The BG-250F Wide is identical to the BG 250 F just with a wider nut cut at the factory to spread the strings out and make it easier to play. This is for pickers who feel that a wider string spacing would really help them fret more cleanly and progress faster.

The BG 250F was the first professional 5 string banjo in our line. It is a vintage replica of the most famous banjo ever played in bluegrass music. All its parts are accurate reproductions of the original. In addition, we have added a maple neck, which brightens tone compared to the original mahogany necks. Features include a 3-ply Canadian maple rim and the straightline tailpiece which provides extra downward pressure on the bridge creating even more volume. 2008 model includes our new GTS planet tuners w/ leather washers. For a no frills, straight ahead bluegrass banjo, the BG-250F cannot be beat for quality and tone.

Includes free US banjo shipping

Video Demo of the BG 250F Click to see a video demonstration of the BG 250 F by Ross Nickerson

Video Demo

Instruments come set up and ready to play

Neck - Maple
Fingerboard - Rosewood
Tone Ring - Bell Brass
Tailpiece - Straight line
Resonator - Mahogany
Rim - Canadian Maple
Nut - Bone
ridge - Maple Ebony

More Information on the BG 250F Wide Neck Banjo

Here is the Goldtone BG250FW Wide model at You get a wider Neck at no extra cost. This could be perfect for banjo players having trouble getting their fingers caught in the strings or feel as though they have larger than normal hands or fingers. I get quite a few calls from students having this problem, for instance, "my fat fingers keep getting in the way" "my big fingers are getting stuck in the banjo strings" Exercise of the fretting hand can really help build your flexibility and coordination but if you continue to feel as though you are at a disadvantage the BG 250W could be an answer. The BG 250 Wide is the same price as the BG 250F too. The nut is specially cut at the factory to spread the strings out, and it does make a difference.

Ross Nickerson BG 250 F
That's me Ross Nickerson and Jens Koch top picker from Swedish Band G2 picking at IBMA in 2008.
The BG 250's are great sounding banjos. Jens is playing the
Goldtone Lojo.

Goldtone BG 250F Wide Reviews

Goldtone BG 250 F Wide review ....Hey Ross,The BG250-FW is a very nice Banjo. The picture of it didn't do it justice. I really liked the color tones and it has a great sound. The wide neck on it also has a good fill to it. Thank you Tony Plowman

Ross, I just wanted to let you know, you weren't exaggerating about the bang for the buck of this banjo. I took it down to Guitar Center to compare it with several everal different American made banjos selling for close to $4000.... somehow my bg250f blew them all away especially in volume. I took a friend and he agreed that mine sounded better and louder. I walked in there thinking I would be humbled by the expensive banjos. ..... Thanks for steering me to this banjo; I've learned 7 songs so far and am hopelessly hooked on the banjo. Best Wishes, Carbaugh Mann

....Hey Ross, I got the BG250F in on Monday and it sounds amazing!  ....thanks again for the great service and fast shipping. Daniel

.....I went to IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) Trade show on Fri and played quite a few banjo's while I was there, I again walked away real
happy with my BG250F . I'm glad that I trusted your judgment and bought it. I hang out with a lot of songwriters and musicians and everyone I've showed it to was impressed with the value and also the deluxe TKL case that came with it. The action is great and it plays like a dream.

Dave from Australia ...Received my BG 250 F last week - very pleased with it. Looks and sounds great!!!

I ordered a Gold Tone BG 250 F Wide last Friday, and I'm already playing it! Nicer than I expected, looks and plays great, Thanks!

These items pictured below are Free at with this purchase.
ree dvd
Free Book/CD/DVD
with purchase

Comprehensive two hour Beginner DVD with 52 page book and two audio CDs. a 29.95 value

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free videos
Free one year membership to members site now has over 90 free videos, 50 lesson and song videos with matching tab, over 100 free tab files, more than 50 Ask the Banjo Teacher columns and instruction articles.

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hard case
Free Hard Case

Your banjo either comes with this free deluxe TKL hard shell case, reg retail price 199.95

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free banjo tuner
New Clip-on Gold Tone Tuner
Goldtone's new innovative tuner is the best Clip-on tuner available for banjo.

Retail price $30
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Online Lessons
All Online
available at

Free with this Banjo

All the Video, Audio and Tablature lessons available
by Ross Nickerson

Normal discounted Price of $89.00

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Purchase from an expert

The large corporate chains don't ship Goldtone banjos set up and ready to play.
Their employees don't play banjo and know nothing about them.
Call and purchase from an expert.

BG250F goldtone BanjoBG250F goldtone Banjo
What's Included with your Banjo Purchase at prices are 25% off the retail price and include free US shipping, complete banjo set-up and other other free items listed on each banjo's individual page.
Call Ross if you have questions or need advice.
I personally answer all calls and if I am on the other line, I return calls promptly.
Callers can also choose another DVD or substitute free items
Call toll free: 1-866-322-6567


Demo Video Homepage

Banjos come set up and ready to play
Each banjo is played before it leaves the shop!
Along with the strict quality control that Goldtone is known for and the banjos being checked very carefully before being shipped, each banjo is given a 12 point inspection,
full head tuning, setup and will arrive tuned and ready to play.

BG250F Wide
includes free U.S. shipping and all items listed above

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Other Options

*Add full Beginners Package Deal with electronic tuner, extra strings, picks and strap for only $20
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Beginner Package Details

Special Price for Capo Spikes!
*Add 5th String Capos Spikes at 7, 9 and 10th frets 
Special Price! 5.00. Reg price is $27.00

*Add 5th String Capos Spikes at 7, 8 and 9th frets 
Special Price! $5.00. Reg price is $27.00    

More Info on Capo Spikes 

*Add Zero Glide installed to your banjo
Zero glide details

*COMPARE OUR PRICES AND ALL WE OFFER WITH EACH PURCHASE - *BANJOS INCLUDE PROFESSIONAL SETUP, FREE SHIPPING and FREE CASE * Other items free with banjo purchases can include Book/CD/DVD, on board tuners, free banjo lessons with membership, immediate online lesson access, banjo straps and other freebies. Free items vary depending on what type of banjo.
*Call Ross with questions, best price, advice or to change what's incuded free with each purchase.
*Free US lower 48 state shipping on ALL models! Alaska and Hawaii receive $25 ship credit
* International orders receive $25 shipping fee credit. Email for a international shipping quote * Call for more information on banjos 7 Days a week 10 to 10 PM at 1-866-322-6567 Visa/MC/Discover/AM Express/Paypal
All banjos include a case, some models include shoulder gig bags and others hard shellcases. If you banjo doesn't include a hard case it will be offerred a significant discount.

We ship to Canada, Germany, Philippines, Iraq, Italy, Japan, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand.
We will ship just about anywhere!

Thank you! .....When I opened the case, the banjo was perfectly in tune and had a straight neck. It sounds great and I'm very pleased with the product. I am even more pleased with your communication with regard to my purchase. P.S. Thanks for the book too.
More Reviews

Goldtone Banjos come set up, tuned and ready to play!
In addition to your Goldtone Banjo arriving set up and ready to play,
The Fundamentals of Five String Banjo DVD that comes free with most banjo's
has a segment that shows you clearly how to keep your banjo in tune.
Fundamentals of Five String banjo also features a segment called Basic Banjo Set Up
that explains how to keep the head tight, change strings and other maintenance tips.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover American Express, Paypal Accepted

all credit cards accepted

Details on ordering Gold Tone Banjos online from and FAQ prices includes free US shipping, or international shipping credit,
complete banjo set-up with other free items listed on each banjo's individual page.

For phone orders and more information on Banjos at
Call 1-866-322-6567 10 AM to 10 PM EST 7 days a week

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