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Banjo Metronomes

Combine a Banjo Metronome
with an Electronic Banjo Tuner
KORG TM-50 Combination Tuner + Metronome
tm 50 metronome
The TM50’s full-featured tuner and metronome functions can be used separately or simultaneously for ease of use. A built in microphone and a ¼” instrument input allow tuning compatibility with a vast variety of instruments. Sound Out mode provides three octaves of audio pitches, enabling simple and accurate tuning by ear. Sound Back mode plays back the note closest to the detected pitch for embouchure and pitch training. The metronome provides multiple rhythm patterns and nine time signatures for a versatile array of practice options.


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The Metronome Section:

The TM-40 is also a multi-function digital metronome with an intuitive user interface. It features an adjustable tempo range of 40 to 208 beats per minute (BPM) that can be set to increase or decrease in single or multiple steps. Thirteen different rhythm patterns (that cover 0-7 beats per measure) — including doublets, triplets, triplets with center beats omitted, quadruplets and quadruplets with center beats omitted — are provided. The TM-40’s Beat mode offers preset tempos and time signatures, and Tap mode lets users specify their own tempos. Additionally, the TM-40’s built-in speaker with adjustable volume can meet the needs of any situation, from private practice in a small room to sessions in a large studio.

The Korg TM-40 Digital Tuner Metronome

is a multi-function digital tuner and metronome in a single, compact, easy-to-use package. Designed as a practice tool for wind, string, keyboard, guitar and other instruments, it allows players to use the tuner and metronome functions simultaneously or independently.

The Tuner Section:

The TM-40 features a wide detection range of C1 (32.70 Hz) to C8 (4186.01 Hz) and a large LCD-type needle that delivers both the accuracy of an LCD and the excellent visibility of a needle. Its meter scale provides markings to indicate intervals of a pure major third and minor third relative to a selected pitch, plus LED indicators to show pitch deviation or blink with the tempo. Calibration is adjustable within a range of 410 to 480 Hz (in 1 Hz steps) to accommodate a variety of tuning standards .A built-in, high-sensitivity microphone makes tuning acoustic instruments easy and enhances accuracy. The optional CM-100 contact mic adds even greater precision and makes tuning in noisy environments easier.

No Longer available - replaced by the TM50
see above

BOSS tuner/metronome
BOSS Tuner & Metronome TU-80
Full featured, chromatic automatic tuner and metronome!

"Accu-Pitch" reference tone indicates when you're in tune

Metronome has various patterns

Tuner outputs tones for tuning to pitch

Batteries included


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Learn good timing on the banjo with hand picked metronomes by Ross Nickerson and

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