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How to Clean a Banjo
Keeping Your Banjo Clean

huber maintenance on banjo
banjo polish and finger ease
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Banjo Maintenance
I recommend these banjo polish cloths to clean a banjo and the gibson polish works well for keeping your banjo clean too.
The untreated cloth is nice because you can use what ever cleaning product you want with it without worrying about it affecting it.
The Gibson polish does not have any chemicals and polishes really well on the banjo neck and resonator.

Polish your Banjo

Banjo cleaning is a very good idea to protect your investment. It's safe for all types of finishes and has no unnatural chemical propellants.

The pump spray works easy.


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fender cloth
Banjo Cloth

The untreated cloths from Fender allow you to choose whatever cleaning agent you want to use to clean your banjo. Keeping the banjo clean is a great idea as long as it doesn't cut in to your practice time!

keep banjo clean

Banjo Polish and Cloth Combination for one low price
(both items above)
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squeaky banjo strings
Finger Ease for Squeaky Banjo Strings

Eliminates drag on the banjo strings and on the back of neck. (2.5 oz.)
It can't hurt to have a little help with playing the banjo faster

sring lubricant

clean banjo
Fast Fret

Easier banjo string action and neck action.Fast Fret cleans the banjo strings, brightens your sound, and prolongs the fingerboard life and could help the banjo play easier and faster. Convenient applicator and cloth comes with it.

fast fret

Cleaning your banjo head tips
There is no polish needed to clean your banjo head. If you have a frosted white banjo head you can use a clean damp cloth with a little bit of water.
Rub it lightly and dont spray anythng directly on to the head. If you see any coatin flake off the head this is normal and does not damage the head. 
If it’s a clear plastic banjo head, use a non-ammonia window cleaner to remove dirt or smudges.

All accessories at are money back satisfaction guaranteed!

Get the Steve Huber Killer Tone DVD right here at Banjo

Killer Tone with Steve Huber

Detailed instruction and demonstration on
proper banjo set up and maintenance.

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banjo maintenance

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This Neck Support for changing banjo strings easier is low cost and folds up conveniently.

This is protective mat is great for laying your banjo down on while changing banjo strings or doing other banjo set-up work.

Old-Time BanjoCraft 5 String Open Back Banjo Making
BanjoCraft is a brief look at banjo making in the small shop. This book is intended to to be accessible to banjo people and wood workers of all skill levels. BanjoCraft contains 50+ full color photos and 46 pages of detailed banjo making knowledge.

From the author Robert Browder:
My own interest in banjo making came by playing music and the wish to own a great banjo. Although having done some basic wood working in the past I found myself poorly equipped for banjo making. Several years ago I had the good fortune to meet BlueRidge craftsman Mac Traynham. Mac makes great banjos. He is also a great old time musician. Under Mac's instruction I slowly developed the skills required to make fine banjos. Along the way we were fortunate to participate in the Virginia FolkLife Apprenticeship program, sponsored by the Virginia Foundtion for the Humanities.


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