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    Bluegrass Banjo Backup Instruction

    Here are some of the best banjo books and dvds for learning bluegrass banjo and backup. It's important to learn the
    building block backup banjo licks and then have an avenue for putting them to practical practice.
    This selection of Books and DVDs offers both.

    Learn to play backup with Back Up Banjo
    mel bay

    by Janet Davis

    Learn how to play backup with Janet Davis' comprehensive book now available with DVD and CD. Learn the basic techniques commonly used on five-string banjo to accompany vocalists and instrumentalists. Separates the various back-up techniques into categories determined by song tempo, by lead instrument being accompanied, and by the area of the fingerboard in which the chords are being played. Presented by one of America's finest banjo teachers! There is also a companion book to this video.

    Book only 22.95

    Book and CD 29.95

    DVD only 19.95
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    Learn to play up the neck banjo

    by Janet Davis

    Learn to play up the neck banjo with this instructional text for five-string banjo dealing with the 5th through the 22nd fret. Included are chapters on roll patterns, chords, songs, licks, chord progressions, arranging songs, improvising, melodic style, chromatic style, chromatic style, back-up, and much more! Also included is an abundance of great Janet Davis solo tabs. Written in tablature. Listen and play along with Janet Davis as she explains and plays each exercise.

    Book and 2 CDs 29.95

    DVD only 19.95

    Up The Neck
    up the neck
    banjo chord chart
    Banjo and Chord Reference Wall Chart 

    Full-size wall chart featuring chords and notes on the fretboard for banjo in G tuning. Major, minor, 7th, maj7, min7, 6, 9, augmented and diminished chords are shown. Chords are shown in a Circle of 5ths progression. Chord fingerings are color coded to show proper finger placement.


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    Essential Banjo LIcks
    Essential Banjo Licks
    by Ross Nickerson

    Learn Backup and Up the Neck Banjo along with eight different categories of Must Know" Essential Banjo Licks" with easy to read tablature and split screen video.

    This DVD has just been completed. It features over 100 useful and fun banjo licks that are essential to your knowledge and development. It was filmed using high quality split screen technology and features the licks played at a faster and slow speed to make it easier to learn.

    There is a full size tab booklet included right on the dvd for you to open and print out yourself. I am very please with the way this came out and I think you will be too.

    More details

    Bluegrass Jamming Essentials
    Play with the Pros - Power Pickin' Vol5

    Learn the basics of bluegrass jamming for all instruments, and pick up tips and tricks valuable at any skill level.

    2.5 Hour DVD with booklet
    Bluegrass Jamming Essentials, is designed to assist pickers in any of those camps make a big leap forward - or take their first baby steps. Learning to play with others can be a fearsome thing for new players, and even intermediate and more skilled players who know their instrument well are unaware of the fine points of playing in a bluegrass band.


    evans dvd
    Power Pickin' Vol1 with Bill Evans

    Learn how to play up the neck banjo by DVD. Featuring Bill Evans A visual method for learning the basic techniques used to play bluegrass banjo accompaniment in up the neck positions. The material is presented in a step-by-step approach appropriate for all levels of pickers, and a tab booklet is included. Great for pickers at any skill level! 2 hour DVD. An excellent banjo dvd to learn banjo backup up the neck.

    DVD 32.95


    Basic Banjo Backup
    Power Pickin' Vol II with John Lawless

    Learn how to play play basic backup banjo.

    Another excellent instructional dvd from John.

    Featuring John Lawless A visual method for learning the basic techniques used to play bluegrass banjo accompaniment in up the neck positions. A step-by-step demonstration of the basic techniques and patterns used to play roll-style bluegrass banjo backup in the open, or first position. Great for pickers at any skill level! 2 hour DVD with tab booklet.

    DVD 32.95

    More Details
    power pickin

    Playing Banjo Backup In A Bluegrass Band
    featuring Bill Evans
    2 Hour DVD/tab booklet

    In this third volume, Bill Evans combines these and other backup techniques in a powerful demonstration that teaches how to build an effective accompaniment designed to fit whatever type of bluegrass song you need to backup. What makes this presentation so useful is that a variety of styles are shown, both by Bill alone, slowed down and broken into its elements, and with an actual bluegrass band in real time.


    Banjo set up

    Killer Tone Banjo Set Up - DVD

    Learn banjo set up with renowned banjo builder Steve Huber takes you through the important variables in banjo set up in this step by step video presentation. Learn how to get that Killer Tone from your banjo! Steve also shows you how to change the tone ring in your banjo and covers adjusting right hand technique for optimum tone. 80 minute DVD. The DVD also includes as a bonus, the 20 minute Huber Banjos video catalog - a $5 value.Save

    DVD 29.95

    More Details

    Masters of the
    5-String Banjo

    by Tony Trischka And
    Pete Wernick

    In their own words and Music

    Players at every level will benefit immeasurably from the information gathered here. Though not an instruction book, per se, these pages contain a wealth of information and music.

    This book focuses on eighteen banjoists who have made significant contributions to their field, including the legendary Earl Scruggs.


    Key to Five-String Banjo Book/CD Set
    Home Improvisation Workshop
    By Pat Cloud

    This insightful book is about sound perception and execution on the banjo.

    Irish Music on the Five String Banjo

    Irish & Celtic 5-String Banjo by Tom Hanway

    Learn irish music on the five string banjo. An important anthology of Irish and Celtic solos for the 5-string banjo featuring a comprehensive, scholarly treatise on the history, techniques, and etiquette of playing the banjo in the Celtic tradition. Includes segments on tuning, pick preferences, and tablature reading followed by 101 jigs, slides, polkas, slip jigs, reels, hornpipes, strathspeys, O'Carolan tunes. If you are serious about playing Celtic music on the 5-string banjo you owe yourself this book.
    Book and CD

    Ross Nickerson Books, DVDs, and CDs

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